Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Flying To Philadelphia

A few weeks ago, my work called and asked me to fly to Philly to give some training and to be a part of a large event this weekend. I worked hard to get a schedule set for the kids (pickups/dropoffs/etc) and then made sure to do some fun things the night before I flew out.
We iced monster cookies, played soccer and had a bonfire!
We had such a good night. We didn't have an extracurricular activities and we just enjoyed being around each other. I sure do miss those dang kids and my hunky husband...five more days until I can hug their necks!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Homecoming And Cheer Camp

This Saturday was SO busy! It seems like there is always one day where everything is scheduled for that day. This past Saturday was that day...
So, if you're ready for a wild ride, you're in the right place.

Saturday morning, Amelia had cheer camp. We dropped her off a little before 9am and then Barrett and myself drove downtown to watch the homecoming parade. The parade started at 9:30am so we had just enough time to drive there and get a seat before the parade started. The theme was Disney and the floats were really good !
Once the parade finished, at 10:30am, we had to drive back to cheer camp to pick up Amelia. Camp ended at 11am and they were performing at the JV football game's halftime so we had to get to the football field shortly after I picked her up.
She looked so cute with her cheer shirt and big bow!
Once her performance was over, we changed in the car and grabbed a quick lunch because we had tickets to the homecoming football game at the college. The game started at 1pm...we missed kickoff but we were there shortly after.
We left after the halftime show because we needed to get home a rest a bit before a birthday party later on that afternoon. The Redhawks ended up winning their game 31-3!!!  The first half was really exciting so I bet the second half was just as good too!
We headed home to nap for a few hours and then we had Kyle's 2nd birthday party at 5pm. It was an Elmo party and he was so excited to have a celebration for him!!
We even got to love on Baby Ben for a little bit at the party--Barrett loves to hold the baby!
We left the party around 8pm, had to go and check on Fern, Holly and Andrew's cat, and then we got to come home for the night. Let me tell you--we had such a fun day but we all went straight to bed and didn't wake up until it was time for church on Sunday.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Sweet Memories

Barrett has really been enjoying school. Every week, his teacher sends home a learning binder that he can work in and he requests it daily. I love watching him learn!
One day is was 90 degrees (IN OCTOBER) and we got out the water slide. I worked on the deck and watched the kiddos play. We are soaking in as much of these last days of summer as we can.
The kids have a chore chart that they earn smiley faces when they do their chores. They wanted to have dinner at the park when they filled up their chart so this week when they filled up their chart, we headed to the park. Dinner was spaghetti and garlic bread, which had to be eaten in the car because as soon as we got to the park, it started to rain.
We turned on some music, laughed and ate our dinner. We have it rescheduled because they didn't get to play on the playground but the memories we made in the car were priceless.
Oscar is still as sweet as ever. He loves to get into funny spots, which then leads me to document them. HA!
Sweet memories were made this week!!

Friday, October 13, 2017

California Vacation: The Last Days

The last two days we were back in sunny California--the kids were glad to have a change of scene.
Fro-yo is a favorite--so that was a must before lunch one day!
The beach was a huge hit--the kids could have spent all day playing!
We loved on Grandpa and Grandma's new pup, Molly, before bed every night.
The last day we went to the pier and then we were back at the beach (see, told ya that they loved it)
We had to leave bright and early on Saturday to make our 9am flight. The kids did so well on the flight...they were so ready to get home, get back to their routine and see their pups/cat.
We loved spending time with Grandpa and Grandma...loved making memories with my crew!!

California Vacation: Part Three

The third day we packed up and headed to a new park. We drove to King's Canyon National Park and I think it was our favorite!
Here are a few pictures of our last moments in the Sequoia's!
We drove North about 1.5 hours and we made it to the Canyon--which had some beautiful waterfalls!
The meadow hike was our favorite--it had a tree area, a grassy meadow and then an area through the rocks.
As soon as we finished, we headed back to their house. It was about a five hour drive so we made it late that night but it was so nice to be in their house, in our own "beds" and then wake up with no agenda.  The kids wanted to enjoy the beach and some down time the remaining days of our vacation!