Friday, January 19, 2018

Basement Work--Part One

Our basement isn't finished and we knew that we wanted to finish that space, eventually, and then add a pool to the back. We priced out everything (WOWZERS!!) and decided we would start with the basement. We got all the walls framed, thanks Jason and Dennis, and then the plumber and electrician have been getting everything complete so we can do the drywall.

We used the basement as a big playroom so it has swings, Amelia's gymnastics stuff, Barrett's train table, etc.
Here it was before...
The plumber had to dig out some concrete to hook up to the water line for the bar/kitchen area in the basement. It made quite the mess!
And here it is after the walls are framed out and the plumbing is complete.
The electrician is done in the bedroom, bathroom and hall. He has the side room and the main room to complete and then we can hang the drywall. I think Jason and Dennis will hang the drywall and then we will let the contractor take over for the remaining work. Stay tuned...we're excited to have a new space!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Swim Lessons...Counting Down The Days Until Summer

The kids started swim lessons this past week. Now that we've started a new year, we are counting down the days until summer and we want to be ready to swim when the time rolls around.
Barrett was so calm and relaxed when she was teaching him so new techniques and she challenged Amelia to work on some new strokes, back stroke and freestyle. She is working hard on turning her head and doing side breathing.
 I was so impressed with how well they listened and worked on their swimming skills. Can't wait to see how they progress this winter!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Snow Day...Again

On Monday, we were all off school and work for MLK day but then Tuesday, school was called off. The kids (and myself) were all going a little stir crazy so we started bringing out some of the toys in the basement. One of the toys was the grocery cart. It wasn't too long before this happened....
Bazzle was such a trooper! He rode around and eventually fell asleep in the grocery cart! He's the best, most loyal little pup. He can be a pain at times (especially at 5am, when he wants to eat) but he's such a good dog!  We love our Bazzle!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Weekend Fun and MLK

Jason was on call this past weekend and we were going a little stir crazy after the snow day. We decided to go on an adventure...we went North to see our cousins.
I love being so close to our family and watching our kids grow up with their cousins.
We stayed all day on Saturday, spent the night and stayed most of the day on Sunday. The kids love spending time with them and it's one of my favorite places too!
We came home on Sunday evening and then Monday was a holiday so the kids didn't have school and I didn't have work.
Here is how we spent most of our day....
We love our fireplace and we made sure to enjoy a nice warm fire for most of the day by putting up the air mattress and watching TV.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Snow Day 2018

Missouri was 'finally' in the path of some of the weather that would bring snow with all the cold weather. We've had some brutally cold weather but no snow and this past week, we got a little bit of snow and ice.
The kids were off of school on Friday and even though we could still see the grass from the dusting of snow, we treated it like a full-blown snow day.
We put on our snow clothes, got the hot cocoa out and took the sled out back to the little patch of snow/ice where the kids could go sled riding.
Here are some pictures of our day.
We definitely made the most of the snow/ice....these little ones know how to make some awesome memories! 

Thursday, January 11, 2018


Our life has been a little pieced together since the new year rolled around. We've started school back up, our routine is back in full force and we are counting down the days until winter is over.
We've had some brutally cold weather and we're being told that we could have some ice tonight so we are crossing our fingers for a 'snow/ice day'
We've done a lot of loving on our animals--we sure do love our cat and pups!!
Legos have been one of our favorite things. My sister gave me all of Brock's old Legos and the kids have been in heaven. Barrett loves the Jurassic World set and I love that he's using his imagination so much!
We have a little bit of time once we drop off Amelia until it's time for Barrett's school. We usually play around with the camera...HA!
Oscar was watching a movie with us the other night. Our little kitten sure has grown!
Amelia starts her basketball games this month, she has her first gymnastics competition and we are in full birthday planning mode. 2018 is moving right along...time flies when you're having fun!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Girl's Day

Today was a girls day. Amelia didn't have school and Barrett did so we spent the day doing whatever Amelia wanted to do.
We started out at Discovery Playhouse...she loves that place!
Then we went to Subway (her choice) for lunch. We stopped by Chocolate Works to load up on candy before we went home.
We went home to change so we could get pedicures and we did a little birthday research. She wants a Willy Wonka birthday party this year.

We ended up finishing the day getting pedicures--she went with red and pink with hearts.
Such a fun day with my girl. We don't get too many days with just us and it was so nice! She's the sweetest, funniest little girl.