Monday, February 19, 2018

Amelia's First Sleepover

Last night we had a 1st in our house...Amelia had her first sleepover. She has had her cousins stay over before but she has never had any friends stay over.
Yesterday at church, Amelia and her friend, Charli, got to talking about having a sleep over and by 6pm, their plan was playing out.
The girls had so much fun playing, crafting and just being together.
I didn't get many pictures but I did get a few so we could document her first sleepover!
So thankful that Amelia has some of the sweetest friends and that she will have so many more opportunities to make memories with them!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Daddy-Daughter Dance

I love how our community offers so many fun things for families. Last night there was a daddy-daughter dance. A group of our friends got together to take all the girls to dinner and then they headed to the dance.

Amelia had two basketball games earlier in the day so by the time she finished, we had about 30 minutes to get ready. We went into hyper speed and got her all dolled up for her night out with Jason.

Stunning. Stunning is the only word I can use to explain Amelia. She looked beautiful and we realized our little girl is growing up, right before our eyes.
Jason was in charge of pictures for the evening so here are a few that I was able to steal from his phone.
They had continuous smiles on their faces, they danced and twirled until they were kicked out and they made so many memories!
They had a night to remember.....sweet, sweet memories!

Friday, February 16, 2018


More randomness from our week. Our nights are busy--every night we have something on the calendar so I wanted to document some of the fun things.
**Amelia's swim coach is teaching her to dive. She's in heaven!
 **We got a chia pet for Valentine's Day and we love watching it grow hair!
**Barrett is learning the float and kick across the pool. He's doing so good in the water--he's come a long way since we started lessons last month.
**Fresh haircuts and suckers for the win!
**Our basement remodel is in full force. The drywall is up, the walls have been mud, taped and sanded. We have the texture and painting on the schedule for the upcoming week.
**Best friends--watching YouTube and eating.
**Amelia figured out how to break crayons on her finger at dinner the other night. She brings so much joy to our lives.
**Naptime with Nannie and the pups. This little boy is so full of life and energy. When he naps, he naps hard!
**We have two basketball games this weekend, a father-daughter dance and a playdate on the schedule for this weekend. Busy, busy!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was a success. We had cute clothes, a fun party and a ton of valentines from their friends. Here are some pictures from our day.
We started off the day with candy kisses and smiles.
Barrett had a party at his school but it wasn't for parents, just kiddos. I made him a cute little shirt, which he was so proud of, and he was excited for his party!
We picked up Barrett early from school and headed over to Amelia's school for her party. I love going to her school parties...she's so proud of her school, her teacher and her friends.
We had such a great day. Jason was off work so he got to be involved in everything and we even got to have a date at one of our favorite restaurants.
I absolutely LOVE my family and I LOVE having a day where we can make love something that we focus on! Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 9, 2018


My mom had hip replacement surgery last week and we had to be there bright and early. Had to snap this picture of my girl. Don't worry...we sanitized just about every inch of her when she got up. HA!
We have swim lessons each week and I forgot to pack Barrett clothes so he had to wear Amelia's pants. He kept saying "Mom, should boys be wearing girls pants? " He didn't like wearing them but he didn't have much of an option. Sorry, Bear!
Our basement is moving right along. The drywall is up and it has been mud and taped. They will hopefully have the walls textured and painted in the next couple of weeks!!
We practice sight words using fun techniques. We practiced in colored sand...she's loving to practice!
My mom came to stay at our house after her surgery and we all ended up with strep throat. Amelia missed two days of school and she was so pitiful. I hated to see her so weak and sick. Thankfully the antibiotic kicked in and she was better after a few days.
We are loving the Olympics right now. Every night, we watch. Here was my lap when we watched team USA ice skaters win the bronze medal. Sweet, sweet moments.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Super Kids Race

Sunday was our second Super Kids Race. We were contemplating skipping it this year but I’m so glad we didn’t. We had a super busy weekend with gymnastics, church, the race and a Super Bowl party.
The kids were so excited to see their friends and to go around the track again.
Here are a few pictures of the race day...
Barrett had his race first. He did so good--him and another little boy were so close the whole race but he was able to get a few steps on him to cross the finish line first.
He ran the 200 meters in 49 seconds, which was almost 20 seconds off his time from last year. He didn't get a medal but he did so good. We were so proud of him and his determination to not give in.
Amelia ran next and she was like a rocket. Her nerves almost got the best of her but as soon as the whistle blew, she kicked it into high gear.
She finished the 200 meter race in 42 seconds and she placed second in her age group. WOO HOO!
The Conway kids were definitely SUPER KIDS! They did so good, pushed themselves until the very end and they were so proud! Love these little cuties!

Sunday, January 28, 2018


Amelia wanted to give basketball a try this season. I still struggle to wrap my brain around the fact that they have sports for 5 year olds...I swear, I didn't play anything competitively until I was in second or third grade.
Anyway, I digress.
Amelia started basketball in December--she has had practice once a week until last week, when she got to start playing games.
Last week was her first two games--a double header. Her team, sponsored by our very favorite farm, played so hard. They won both of their games on Saturday and they all seem to be enjoying the sport.
Here are some pictures of our fun Saturday....
I truly love watching her play! She's such a little hustler. Her defense is amazing but we are working hard on offense, mainly catching the ball and dribbling!