Tuesday, July 22, 2008

And To Think That I Have It Bad....

On Sunday, the spouses organization paired with AMWA and we had a beach day for the children in the Crystal Home. The Crystal Home is a mix between an orphanage and a foster home, located in the middle of Philipsburg. We had a few cars that went and picked the kids up and then we drove them back to Mullet Beach for a barbecue and some fun in the sun. The girls in my car were 10-15 years old and they were quiet at first...until I told them I was from the United States. They wanted to know if I knew "Hannah Montana" or if I have ever met her--she is a actress on the Disney Channel. They got a little disappointed when I told them no, but liked the fact that I knew stuff about her (thanks to my niece Ana...I've watched the show before). We got talking about their favorite things to do, favorite colors, foods, and anything else I could think to talk about until we reached the beach. Finally, we made it to the beach and we started playing with the beach ball and football while we waited on the food to be done. Jason and the dogs met me at the beach after I arrived with the kids. The dogs were an instant hit, especially with the smallest little girl. She loved getting them fresh water, cleaning out their bowl, and holding them. At the end of the day, the dogs were exhausted! They had been in and out of the ocean and up and down the beach all day--so they were ready for a bath and a long nap.

After a great day, it was time to pack up and take them back to the Crystal Home. The kids changed out of their wet swim suits and put on their dry clothes....and I realized how good I really have it. One little boy, maybe 12 years old, had a pair of jean shorts that looked like they could have fit two of him in the shorts. They were huge and he just held them up. He said that he forgot his belt at his house, but these pants were so big, I don't know how a belt was really going to help. I realized that I have a closet full of clothes that barely get worn, but yet I still buy clothes every time I come home.
After everyone was in their dry clothes, we realized that we had extra chips, cookies, and drinks. The kids asked if they could have some to take home and we said YES of course, but we thought we would just send everything with the Miss Eva (the mom of the home). The kids were stuffing their bags with drinks, chips, and cookies. They were planning for later....and when we asked everyone to put their stuff back in the main box so Miss Eva could disperse of it, they were hesitant. The smallest little girl kept trying to carry the huge box of food and drinks herself because she didn't want us to forget where the box was going. I was heartbroken just thinking about their lifestyle and how upbeat and positive these kids were. I find myself complaining when the electric goes out and I don't have fans or the air conditioner for a couple of hours...when these children have things much worse. It was a great day and it taught me that I need to be more appreciative and grateful for the things that I have......so I am definitely trying to work on it!!

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