Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust

Two block exams down....one block exam and a final left! Jason took his second block exam yesterday and despite all the craziness that has been going on this block....he did really good! When he got home from his exams, we packed the beach bag and headed down to Mullet Bay for a little rest and relaxation. After our great day at the beach, we went to Lady C's for some "All U Can Eat Ribs". First, let me explain--there is this on going battle between the guys on who can eat the most ribs. So anytime we go to eat ribs they keep their rib bones separate and when they feel like they are going to explode, they eat 5 more and call it a night. Last night, the winner wasn't determined because some rib bones got mixed up and they lost track of their own stash. We had a great night with great friends....and the best part was there was NO STUDYING!!
When we came home, we had a few unexpected surprises. Our dogs had gotten mad that we were gone all day and decided to act out. Muzzy and Bazzle tend to misbehave if they feel like they aren't getting enough attention--I guess they don't understand how good they got it. We walk in our front door to find 2 problem areas. The first one was done by Muzzy--he decided that he was going to go to the bathroom on our living room rug. Yes, he is potty trained on his puppy pads but when he is feeling like a bad dog--he acts out. So after cleaning up his mess and punishing him, I notice another problem. This problem was done by Bazzle--he got in Jason's backpack and pulled out his cough drops. He ate the drops and shredded the paper all over the living room. Bazzle likes to dig through purses, beach bags, backpacks-anything he can sniff through and find something to destroy. They were on my bad list yesterday but I can't be mad at them long. They are my babies and I love them no matter what!

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