Thursday, July 24, 2008

My "Miss" List

Yesterday at lunch, we got talking about everything that we miss from back home. I can tell that it is getting closer to going home (23 days) because we seem to reminisce about home a lot more often. I thought I would share my "miss" list with everyone--it's good therapy!
*Four seasons: spring, summer, fall, winter * Thunder storms
*Fishing * Raking Leaves
* Burning Leaves * Sitting on the back porch watching the sun go down
* Grilling (we do this here, but on a tiny grill) * Dinner at the Davault's
* Hiking/picnics *Snow *snow angels/snowmen/sled riding
*fireworks * sno cones * baseball games
*football games in the fall * scarves/hot cocoa * seeing my breath early in the morning
* 24 hour restaurants *late night girl talks *floating/camping/camp fires
*roasting smores * hunting season (for Jason) * smell of cut grass
*interstates with the sun roof open *parks * washing cars
*walking the dogs around the subdivision *my family * tailgating
*hotdogs at the stadium *waterparks * free refills
*Target *family dinner * Sunday naps after church
*holidays with the family *hayrides * carving pumpkins
*walking barefoot in the wet grass *local radio stations *mom's cooking

--Ok, I guess that I should stop! I think I could go on forever. We miss everyone and everything from back home--but we'll be home before we know it.

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