Friday, August 1, 2008

Our last Hoo-Rah!

Yesterday morning, the spouses organization had their last fundraiser for the semester and the last fundraiser that had to be organized by the current board. This was the presidency board's last hoo-rah and boy did it feel good. Me, Natalie, and Stephanie have been the board now for two semesters and we were definitely ready to hand the torch off to a new group. We had a great time but we were ready to just enjoy the group again and not have to be the leaders.
Ok now back to our fundraiser--We usually have breakfast burrito sales for the students and they love them. We stuff tortillas with egg, hasbrown, sausage, bacon, and cheese --we heat them up, top them with a little salsa or sour cream and the students go crazy! It is a lot of work to get everyone to help make the burritos...especially so late in the semester so this time we decided we would make HOMEMADE CINNAMON ROLLS! We all went to Natalie's apartment at 8:30 a.m. to start making the dough because we knew that it would take a little bit of time to rise....the recipe said 30 minutes and the dough would double...NOT TRUE. We waited almost 2 hours and the dough had puffed up a little but I'm not so sure that it doubled. We had to knead the dough, roll it out, put the cinnamon filling in them, cut them, roll them up, and bake them. You should have seen us girls--licking the icing bowl any chance we could get. We had to keep reminding ourselves of the calories that our yummy treats had. They smelled so good, but we had to refrain from the more rolls we had the more money we could make for the organization. After a long day of roll making (8:30-5) they were finally finished! We took the cinnamon rolls to school the next morning and the students were a little apprehensive. We priced them at $5 and that seemed a little overpriced for some students, until they saw how big and yummy they looked. Once one person got one and the aroma filled the rotunda--we were golden. We started selling them at 8 and we were sold out by 9:30--short and sweet!
Jason bought a cinnamon roll, which surprised me because he isn't big on cinnamon rolls. He said it was so big that he could hardly finish it, but it was so good that he couldn't let it go to waste. I better be careful or he will want me to start making them at home.
After this experience, I definitely have a greater appreciation for homemade food versus food "from a box" The time that goes into making something homemade is so much more, but I think the flavor is so much better too. It felt nice to see that we started out with some flour, water, and a few other ingredients and made something that looked and tasted great. Who knows...I might start turning into a Betty Crocker??

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Alissa Doherty said...

Speaking of cinnamon rolls....I WANT THAT RECIPE!! So good!! Thanks for all the time and effort you put in for making them!! And by the way...I think you did an excellent job as head of the spouses organization. I know it was difficult at times (as girls will be girls) but I think you did great at organizing and trying to get everyone involved! You've kept it going and kept everyone united through the good times and the hard times. I know you don't get much credit from the students here because everyone thinks you have it so easy...but I know how hard it is to be a spouse here and to have to keep that positive attitude amongst all the stress. I know your job is not easy and I just want to say great job and thank you for all you have done!! Love you girl! ♥ Alissa