Monday, September 15, 2008

Almost a Goner

Anyone that has ever been to my apartment knows that I always have my front door and my windows open so I get a good breeze blowing through. Dinner time is always a hot part of the day because I have the oven and the stove top on. The house feels like 100 degrees--so I keep the house open so the heat will push right out. We were sitting down eating dinner and we hear a very loud noise. It sounded like one of the local cats meowing downstairs...and then we hear barking. All of a sudden Jason and I look at each other and ask "Where is Bazzle?"--he was nowhere in the house. We start panicing and yelling for Bazzle. Jason runs down the stairs to find Bazzle sitting in front of the second door on the second floor. He thought he was in front of our door--and was howling because he thought he was locked out. Jason ran down to get him and Bazzle comes running up the stairs...completely tired! We don't really know how long he was downstairs, but he sure got his heartrate up. When he walked in the house, he walked right to the treat jar. He always gets a treat when we get back from a walk so I guess he thought he deserved a treat.
We aren't really sure how he got downstairs or why he decided to runaway from his perfect life--but we think that he ran downstairs to chase the cat. The cat has been aggervating the last couple of days....sitting outside our door and MEOWING at the top of his lungs. Bazzle and Muzzy would growl and bark any chance they got--they aren't too fond of cats. After he finished chasing the cat, we think he tried to find his way back home and got stuck on the second floor. Who knows what happened--but Bazzle was almost a goner. He's back in the apartment--safe and sound. This dog is so lucky....he's had a few close calls and he's still here. I'm not sure what I would do if something happened to him--

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