Tuesday, September 2, 2008

August Break

We flew back home August 16th for our much needed break. Jason had finals until 1:00pm and we flew out at 4:30pm. You could say that we were a little excited to get home! The break was great. We really tried to not do anything--which is much harder than everyone thinks. We spent one of our first nights home at the race track--watching some of our friends race four wheelers. The first weekend we were home, I went to Illinois to watch Ana play on her traveling soccer team. She played 5 games in two days and at the end of the weekend, her team (Southeast Stars) won first place in the tournament. Me and Ana love doing crafts so the first thing we did was go to the craft store and buy some things to do some fun projects with... we made a messenger bag for Ana's first day of school and made tie-dye shirts. I love doing crafts so any excuse I can get to be creative and act younger than I am--I take it. I think we went out to dinner more than anyone else should do in a two week span. Here is Ana making her school bag. It turned out great!
Brock eating his ice cream cone

We also got to go to a Cardinals baseball game against the Milwaukee Brewers. Neither one of us are huge baseball fans but we love the atmosphere. The chants, the food, and just sitting in the stadium doing the wave are things that we like at baseball games. We had great seats, right by the Cardinals' pitcher warm-up area. The previous night the Cardinals lost to the Brewers 12-0 so in the 8th inning we decided to leave and head for home because the Cardinals were losing. The next morning we heard on the news that the game was great in the last two innings and the Cardinals ended up winning 5-3. Even though we missed the best part, we still got to see a homerun and eat some nachos. We had a great time with our friends and it was nice to act like we were from Missouri again.

We had a great two weeks with friends and family...and the best thing was I got to spend two weeks with Jason--and no school stress! We flew back to the island August 31st to start our 4th semester on the island. Time really does fly when you are having fun--we miss our friends and family terribly, but we'll be home soon!

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