Saturday, September 13, 2008

Busy Couple of Days

The past few days we have been busy, busy, busy! Thursday night was dinner at Chuck and Geneva's new place. She cooked a traditional Louisiana meal--Cajun style and it was delicious! We decided to have a cookout at their place because they just moved and we needed to break their new house we had a cookout! Crawfish fettucini and Sausage/Chicken gumbo was the menu with bread, salad, and apple crisp for dessert. I was very surprised that I enjoyed it so much because I'm not big on trying new things--especially when it has crawfish in it. Thanks guys for letting us finish off the last of your "Louisiana stash"--it sure was good!

Friday night was White Coat for the new first semester students. They have a ceremony where they get their white doctors coat and then afterwards there is a meal and a get together at a place called Bliss. We didn't go to the ceremony but we were there for the FREE DINNER, I know surprise, surprise. Dinner was good--chicken, fish, rice, potatoes, pasta, and sushi! Bliss is a fun little hangout...the restaurant/bar is right on the ocean, with white couches to sit on, a big dance floor, and a pool. White coat is always an excuse to dress up a little bit and hang out with people we haven't seen since break. We really enjoyed ourselves! By the end of the night we were dancing, laughing, and just enjoying the company. The first couple weeks are the best time to hang out with everyone before school gets too intense.

Saturday morning was the Welcome Breakfast for the Spouses Organization. It was nice because we got to get together with the older semester spouses and meet the newbies. We had a huge turnout at the breakfast--I think we are close to having 50 members. Breakfast was at Ric's Place-- a place in Simpson Bay.Ric's Place is one of the few places that offer a buffet and a large enough seating area for everyone. We had a great turnout at the breakfast and I can't wait to see all the fun things that will be planned!

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Cluff Family said...

WOW look at all the newbies!!! I hardly know anyone in the picture! It looks like you've definitely had a busy week! Hopefully Jason enjoys 4th semester! Can you believe you are already 4th semesters!!! Hopefully the next two semesters fly by for ya!