Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday--The Best Day of the Week

Friday has finally arrived....and I love Fridays. Not only does Friday mean the weekend has arrived, but we allow ourselves certain privileges starting on Friday. Friday night is considered our 'date' night and we usually go out with Andy and Alissa. We usually go out to dinner, a movie, or sometimes we do both. Date night can be as simple as getting a pizza from Pizza Dans or as nice as Le Chalet, a nice fondue restaurant on the French Side. No matter where we decide to go or how much we eat...the night usually ends with us making a pit stop at McDonald's. McDonald's is our dessert stop--choco mac (chocolate dipped cone), McFlurry, or a milkshake are all perfect ways to end the night. Fridays are definitely something to look forward to, especially after a rough week!
Not only are Fridays a time for us to have a night of fun and relaxation, but it is when we allow ourselves to roll down the hurricane shutter and really crank down the air conditioner. I know how crazy we sound, but this IS a big deal. We have a hurricane shutter on our bedroom window and on Friday and Saturday nights the shutter gets rolled down. This makes our room pitch black....perfect sleeping conditions. We usually always sleep with our air conditioner on--at least here lately, but on the weekends we turn the thermostat down a few degrees. It makes our room VERY cold and VERY dark! A fun night out with my hubby and our island friends AND coming home to a dark and cold bedroom is why Fridays are wonderful!

I understand how crazy this might seem, but sometimes the week goes by much faster when we have dinner, dessert, and a dark, cold room to look forward to. Ok--now we sound like our parents and grandparents YIKES WE'RE GETTING OLD!! Sometimes the smallest things, make such the difference! If I have learned anything since living on the island of St. Maarten-- it would be to not take the small things for granted. Back in Missouri, it was nothing for us to go out to dinner/lunch/breakfast multiple times a week....but here dining out is more of a privilege and something we look forward to.


camillestuartbeau said...

Live it up on your Friday night!!! Enjoy it, girlie!

Alissa Doherty said...

Had fun last night!! I slept in a little too long this morning...oops!

islandstories said...

AMEN! It's those little things that keep us sane here (this, coming from a first semester! haha)