Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things You All Wanna Know

Ok so there are these crazy things floating around in the blog world where I have to answer some questions and give a little in sight into my life. I'm just going to do the two that I saw so that I can "kill two birds with one stone"
5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. Attending my first year of high school
2. Playing basketball
3. Walking around on crutches...broke my ankle
4. Crushing on some senior boys
5. I'm not was a long time ago

5 things on todays 'to do' list
1. Work on homework
2. Exercise
3. ICM
4. Laundry
5. Figure out what to make for dinner

5 snacks that I enjoy
1. Wasabi/soy almonds
2. cheese and crackers
3. kiwi
4. PB&J
5. chips and salsa

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire
1. Pay off medical school loans--immediately
2. Buy a nice house and car
3. Help out family members
4. Buy a plane--I don't like airlines
5. Save and Invest

5 jobs I have had
1. Tanning salon receptionist
2. Cashier
3. Karsch's front desk
4. Curves
5. PacSun

The second one is My 6 Quirks
1. I have to have LISTS...I make lists for my lists. If I know I'm going to the grocery store then I make a list to take to the store, but I'll make another list to remind me that I have a list for the grocery store. I have to feel like I am slightly prepared for the store. Lists make me feel just a little bit better....they bring a smile to my face.

2. I'm always nervous that I have lost something (keys, phone, wallet). I know that the second I lock the house--I put my keys in my purse. I walk down a few flights of stairs and I'm frantically digging in my purse looking for the keys. When we go out for dinner, Jason's responsibility is the keys and he knows how crazy I get over losing things so he will always ask "Do you have the keys?"--which gets me digging like crazy in my purse, feeling my pockets...just to have him dangle them in the air. How about this example....flying home and having to keep track of flight information, dog health certificates, passports, boarding passes and anything else that we need. I know that I packed EVERYTHING but I still have to check when we get in the car, when we arrive at the airport, on the plane, and when we get home. I'm always nervous that something fell out and I lost it--

3. I think the main purpose for bathtubs are for shaving your legs. I refuse to stand up in our tiny shower to shave my legs. I sit down on the side and it makes my experience much more enjoyable. Standing up and leaning over just causes the shampoo to run down into my eyes, missed patches of hair (annoying), and discomfort. I usually only take a bath when I want to shave my legs, but unfortunately the island does not offer this luxury so I get to maneuver myself in the times!

4. I sleep fully clothed--sports bra, shirt, shorts (or pants and socks depending on the season). I am not able to sleep as sound or as comfortable with pajamas or night attire. I prefer to be in my clothes.

5. I tend to wash my dishes before I even eat dinner..... I like to put our meals in our plates, put the leftovers in tupperware, and wash the dishes before I sit down to eat. I cannot stand my kitchen to be dirty so I feel like I can enjoy my meal a little bit better if I have a clean kitchen.

6. I'm a celebrity stalker--no not really but I do read up on celebrities DAILY . I like;;;; so I'm a little obsessed with seeing who is dating who? and who was wearing what? I've become very addicted to the internet since moving to St. Maarten, but I'm determined to break this habit once we move back to the states. I'm sad to say that "My name is Ashley Conway and I am addicted to celebrity websites."

Hopefully by reading this--everyone can understand who I am just a little bit better. *Oh and I will be reading everyone's blog to see your get busy!

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That was such a cute post!! I love that!! :)