Monday, October 20, 2008

Breakfast Burritos...YUM!

This past week--the spouses organization met to make breakfast burritos for one of our fundraisers. Breakfast burritos are a huge hit at the school--eggs, hasbrowns, cheese, with the choice of bacon, sausage, bacon & sausage, or veggies all wrapped in a jumbo sized tortilla and topped with sour cream and salsa. The breakfast burritos are the one fundraiser where students will clap when they hear the scheduled breakfast burrito day. They get really excited for the yummy burritos. We even have some people that will buy 4-5 burritos and take them home to freeze them. For the spouses, making breakfast burritos are a great time! We are all so crazy--making eggs, cooking the hashbrowns, warming tortillas, making bacon, preparing everything, wrapping the burritos, and labeling the burritos.

There were tons of spouses available to help make the burritos--and it was great!

No one felt overloaded or worked to the bone...we had time to chat, get drinks, or whatever because there was always someone available to take over at any given moment. After the hurricance, we were able to take the burritos to the school and sell them. The students were definitely ready--80 burritos sold out in a little over an hour!! I think they were ready for a good meal after being out of electric for a few days.

The spouses organization is doing a great job of making everyone feel included and keeping everyone busy--or at least with the opportunity to stay busy. There is always beach/pool day, birthday parties, fundraisers, fun trips, luncheons, game nights, etc. I'm making some great friendships while on the island, especially since we all have massive amounts of spare time. We all know the reason for being here--to better our lives--but sometimes it can be rough! It really helps to have other girls that are going through similar situations!


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