Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy, Happy Halloween

I can't believe Halloween has finally made it--we have made it to another day that is highlighted on the calendar. Today, I had to substitute teach at a nearby private school and I got to enjoy all the Halloween festivities! I woke up early this morning because I was excited to see what the day had to offer....all while wearing a cute costume. I didn't even let the alarm clock wake me up. It felt like I was an anxious kid again....kinda silly I know!! My costume was a death widow--I had a hoop skirt with spiders all over it, gloves, and a veil. I really enjoy getting into the Halloween spirit--any chance to feel young!
I had to walk a little way to school--not that far--but every person I ran into gave a funny smile or made a comment about my outfit. What is wrong with people these days? Can't a 24 year old girl dress up for Halloween? I wore my costume proudly to school...I wasn't going to let anyone burst my bubble. The kids were adorable...everyone was all dressed up. We had a few witches, a gothic ballerina, a vampire, Jack Sparrow, pirates, mummys, and all kinds of crazy costumes.

The day was filled with a lot of Halloween activities....I really enjoyed myself! I can remember when I was younger and dressing up for school or to go trick-or-treating--it was always something that I looked forward to. My favorite costume was Jasmine on 'Aladdin'. My mom took me to the fabric store and we picked out the color of silky material that I wanted and she sewed my was beautiful. I was the prettiest Jasmine that any 9 year old could be--I thought I was pretty cool that my mom made the costume homemade AND the fact that my belly got to show! Jason's most memorable costume was when he was 10 and he was a vampire. He got to paint his face white with fake blood coming down from his mouth and his fake teeth. He loved his cape the made him invincible. He would wrap himself up in his cape and then stretch out his arms as wide as he could and take off running like a crazy man....I just laugh trying to picture this! I bet he was the cutest little vampire--if I only had a picture of him. We both got to go trick-or-treating in neighborhoods that were familiar--we got so much candy it was ridiculous!! Filling up a pillow case instead of a plastic pumpkin means that too much candy was being passed out AND eaten. Walking up to front doors with their front porch light shining, holding out our bags, and saying trick-or-treat was definitely great childhood memories for us. I know that if we were back in the states our front porch light would be ON and we would passing out candy to all the kids!

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