Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's Time For Some Football

AUC started up a flag football league for the guys interested in running, sweating all over themselves, and ripping flags off of their opponents. Jason decided this would be right up his alley....so he signed up! He figured having weekly games would be a good stress reliever and an even better study break. The league plays every Wednesday in Philipsburg and this week I decided that I would show my support and go and watch him play. I was under the assumption that flag football was just a friendly game with very few accidental, rough plays.....and boy was I wrong. Some of the guys take the game a little too serious and it gets pretty rough! They were pushing, slapping, tripping, ripping clothes, and even occassionally tackling. I had a great time watching him play...but I was constantly holding my breath everytime he caught the ball because I was scared he would get hurt. He didn't get hurt (knock on wood) and he caught a touchdown pass--YAY! Their team ended up losing, but had a great time! Studying is more important than working on their plays and practicing....so they just play for fun and to get a good study break.

I had a great time watching the game and cheering on Jason and his team...I would have gotten more pictures but my camera wasn't taking the greatest pictures with it being so dark. I'm glad that school offers fun activities like this for the students to be a part of because it makes things feel a little more like home and gives the guys a little stress reliever!

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