Friday, October 17, 2008

No Electric+ No Water = Miserable

Ok, I thought the 125 mph winds and the crazy amounts of rain were the worst part of the hurricane....well I think I'm changing my mind. We have been out of electric and water--pretty much since the night the hurricane hit. Lucky for us our apartment has a generator so it ran up until yesterday evening....until it ran out of fuel. Having electricity to help keep the refrigerator and the air conditioner running makes the world of a difference. Two nights now with no electric and water has made us feel miserable. It is so hard to sleep when it is so hot and quiet--we gotten use to having the air conditioner and a fan blowing on us at night. Needless to say, we have gotten very little sleep and we feel like we have been ran over by a semi-truck! I asked the apartment manager today when our generator would get refueled and he said there was no fuel currently on the island. Our water situation is about the same...none existent. Thank goodness we filled up extra buckets of water to help us flush the toilets. We are trying to be very conservative with flushing the toilets because it takes quite a bit of water to flush one time....and it looks like the water isn't going to be on for awhile so we need to conserve our water. This is making a very unpleasant smell in our hot and steamy apartment! I tried to light an apple cinnamon candle--but it didn't cover up any smell, it just made a new yucky smell.
Our generator has since been refueled and I have been able to check emails, work on school work, and turn on our air conditioner. A lot of our food has been thrown out because it has defrosted and gotten warm. Some of our food was taken to our friend's house--she lives on the French side and they have not lost electricity and they have a deep freezer.
As of now, the talk around the island is that the electric will not be back on until next Thursday. The power plant on the island is covered with seaweed and the power grids were knocked out. The water situation is very similar....the water for the island comes from the ocean. The water plant, apparantly, filters the water from the ocean and the large amounts of seaweed are clogging the filters. Either way--we do not have electricity or water and being the fact that we live on an island (where supplies need to be flown in) slows down the repair process.
We are doing good--experiencing a hurricane is the first for us so each adventure is a new one. We are trying to remain upbeat and positive--please keep us in your thoughts and prayers! I think we still have a LONG road ahead of us.

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Tom, Laura & Ella said...

Oh man!! :( Hey, if you guys need somewhere to stay, or just to take a shower and cook some food up or anything, you are more than welcome over here!!! Just let me know!!