Monday, October 6, 2008

One Test Closer...

This morning was Jason's first block exams of the semester and he was feeling a little nervous, but prepared! Exam days are extremely stressful because he wants all of his hardwork to pay off--countless hours studying, very little sleep, and not much of an appetite. When he woke up this morning, he felt refreshed and ready to get his exams over with. Test days are filled with many rituals in the Conway house and today was no exception. Some of Jason's rituals on block days are: 1- eat a strawberry yogurt: he likes all different types of yogurt but not on block day...only strawberry. 2- gets 3 unsharpened pencils: he wants to use pencils that have never made mistakes before. After an exam, the pencils are thrown away because they have made mistakes (kinda funny). 3- wear some type of hunting shirt: he likes to wear something that reminds him of back home, Missouri, when he is taking an exam. 4- says "I'm gonna do great" as he's walking out the door: I saw on Oprah, you can make your brain do better when you tell yourself things over and over again. So to please me--he tells me he is going to do great and most of the time he says it with a smile.

I know block days are a stressful time for him--but they aren't the best time for me either. I have to find something to occupy my time when he is taking his exams because I turn into a nervous wreck. This morning, it went fast for me because I did the morning walk with the dogs. When we got home we all had to get showers, eat breakfast, and clean up the house a little bit. By the time all of those things were done, Jason was walking through the door. We now have the rest of the day to relax and soak up some sun on the beach. I'll make sure I get some pictures of today, especially Jason, because we don't get to do much together so I need to take advantage!! Only 70 more days, 2 block tests, and 1 final left until we will be home for break. We are one test closer...woo hoo!

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