Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Post Block Fun!

WE HAVE SURVIVED One block exam is officially over and we took advantage of the rest of the day! We headed to Simpson Bay Beach for the SGA Post-Block Party. It was a great time to enjoy the sand, the sun, friends, and EACH OTHER! Everyone brought a side dish and something that we wanted grilled. There was so much food...hamburgers, hotdogs, and all the things that usually get eaten with them! Just sitting in the sun--soaking up the Vitamin D and relaxing the the cool ocean was just what we needed after a couple of stress filled weeks.

After a few hours at the beach bbq, we decided it was time to clean up and head to dinner and go to a movie. We ate dinner at Wasabi (our favorite sushi restaurant) and could barely keep our eyes open. We didn't think we could make it through the movie without falling asleep--snoring and drooling isn't looked at too kindly at the movie theater. We decided against the movie--we were in bed early but when we woke up the next morning we felt well rested. We had a great time at the beach! Block exam days are pretty much the only time we can enjoy the island--any other time school is always a top priority. School is always a top a priority--up until final grades are posted for the semester, but things are a little more normal on block days.

YAY for being one step closer to 5th semester!

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camillestuartbeau said...

Just think....less than 3 months you'll be a 5th Semester! Hang in there!!!