Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sticky Situations

Today I was watching Oprah and the topic of the show was "Sticky Situations"--how to handle situations that are uncomfortable or that we've never been taught how to handle. I was very interested in the topic and thought I would share the questions that were asked on the show. I could always use help on addressing sticky maybe others could too!
1--Do you tell a friend his/her spouse is cheating?
: Depends on the situation
2--Should the parents of a promiscuous child be notified?
: Yes, to protect the child(especially if the child is young)
3--How does a woman tell a man he is being a 'pig' or sexist?
: Be upfront, honest, and respectable--not too sensitive
4--What do you do when you send a gossip email to the person you are gossiping about?
: Sincerely apologize and STOP gossiping!
5--Do you tell a friend their boyfriend/girlfriend is bad news?
: Yes, but in a loving way--best interest of the friend
6--How do you tell someone they have bad breath?
: Offer a breathmint or tell them in a private setting "I would want to know if something was wrong with me so I'm going to tell you"
7--How do you tell someone they wear too much make-up or perfume?
: Let them know you mean well--look and smell better with a little less
8--How do you tell someone they dress inappropriate for their size?
: Tell them styles that would look great on them--go shopping together. Don't volunteer too much information.

Personally, I feel like I always get myself in 'sticky situations'--I can remember one time (when I was much younger) asking a lady why she dyed her hair purple. She dyed it herself and the color that came out was mom was humiliated but I was too young to think I did anything inappropriate. I also can remember asking numerous women when they were due, just to find out that they weren't even pregnant, just a little on the plump side. Sometimes I try to say good and positive statements and it comes out wrong and then I am left trying to explain myself--which makes an even more ackward situation. I really enjoyed the show today because it showed me that other people get stuck in 'sticky situations'--it is how you handle the situation that really matters.
OH....and if I have bad breath, wear too much make-up, or have something in my teeth--PLEASE tell me....because I'll tell you!!
**I'd love to hear about personal 'sticky situations' feel free to comment!! **

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Rachel said...

Haha I did that once... asked a woman when she was due... she had the baby the week before! I was so embarrassed. I can't even imagine how I made that poor woman feel. Oh well, we live and learn.