Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thank You GOD....We Survived!

Just a little update.....
Hurricane Omar developed into a category 3 hurricane and hit St. Maarten late last night ( it was 60 miles away). We turned the air conditioner on all afternoon(too cool the whole house down) and used as much water as we could(laundry, dishes, showers) because we were told the water would be shut off at 8:00pm and the electric at 10:00pm. Knowing that we would be without....really didn't help the situation too much. We could at least prepare, but it was still very nerve racking. We tried to fall asleep pretty early because we knew it would be a rough and loud night, especially with no electricity and no fan! Around 1:00am we finally couldn't lay awake in bed anymore (it was so loud) so we got up to check things out. Little did we know that our house was flooding. The rain was hitting against our front door and windows so hard that we had water all through our living room. We were soaking up water and ringing it out in the shower for a few hours. Finally, we controlled the water from coming in by putting plastic bags in the cracks so the water would run off and away instead of running into our apartment.
We decided there was nothing more we could do so we tried to lay back down and go to sleep--almost impossible when the wind is so loud it sounds like it is going to rip through the apartment. Our airconditioner sounded like it was going to get sucked out of the wall--so we talked about what we would do to cover up the hole. Luckily, our airconditioner stayed in tact and we didn't have to patch any holes with trash bags and scotch tape. We finally fell asleep and slept in until 6:00am this was so warm with no fan or air conditioner that we couldn't stay in bed any longer. We woke up to a beautiful St. Maarten day--the sun was shining, the temperature was warm/hot, and no water or electric. Looking out --no one would have even have noticed we just experienced a hurricane.....the island appeared to be back to normal. After calling our friends to check on them, we decided that we would take a walk down to the beach to see how big the waves were and to see if there would be any damage.

There was tons of damage...the golf course was flooded so bad cars were unable to stay on the road and they had to drive on the grass of the golf course--dodging trees, rocks, and anything else that had washed up during the storm. Trees were knocked down everywhere--and unfortunately some cars were damaged. There was so much sand on the golf course that we figured the waves must have been breaking up on the fairway. The damage done to just our little section was horrible and I'm wondering how the rest of the island looks. We still have no electric or water and we are not sure how long this will last. Fortunately for us, our apartment building has a generator(which we discovered this morning) so hopefully it runs long enough that our food will not spoil in our refrigerator. We all had a very chaotic night with very little sleep....but the Conway family is safe and sound! Bazzle, Muzzy, Jason, and myself all experienced our first hurricane together. We were very fortunate--nothing major happened to us, our friends, or the school. Jason showered with a bottle this morning and headed to school to study--as of 9:00am he was the only one studying in the lecture hall. He is determined to not let Hurricane Omar, a category 3 hurricane, stand in his way of studying!! That is my Jason....gotta love him!

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Cluff Family said...

We are glad you are safe! Thanks for the update... we've been watching the news all morning with NOTHING about the hurricane! You and the island were/are in our prayers!