Sunday, October 19, 2008

Today is Going to Be a GREAT Day!

After Hurricane Omar, the damage, and the aftermath that the island had to deal with, the general mood of everyone is a little on the down side. The paper read yesterday that it could be two weeks before the island is back to reliable electricity and who knows about the water system? Of course with this kind of news, everyone is seeming a little blah. We had to experience another huge upset after Hurricane Omar....the Mizzou vs. Texas game!

Mizzou was suppose to have steak for dinner (longhorns are beef, right?) but instead got hooked pretty good. The game was a rough one to watch, especially with a Longhorn sitting in the corner watching every great catch and touchdown that Texas was able to get. We ended up coming home to electricity and tiny drips of water--so I did the few dishes that were dirty and flushed the toilet, just in case it didn't come back on. As long as I have electricity-I'm a happy camper!
Well I woke up on the right side of the bed--slept all night with electricity and when I woke up still had electricity AND water! I'm not sure how long the problems with GEBE (electric & water company) are going to last but I have to admit that sleeping with the airconditioning on last night sure felt good and being able to flush the toilet immediately felt pretty good too! Breakfast was next on the agenda and since the power has been off--there is nothing perishable in our refrigerator. I tried to stay positive and we had a buffet of food....dry cereal, oatmeal, toast, and Jason's favorite--cold pizza. Lunch and dinner should be the same wonderful buffet of food--soup, spam, or anything we can find in our shelves--with the possibility of some meat (I could go grab some of our meat that we stored in the deep freezer, if the electric looks like it could stay on).
So today has already started out GREAT....and it is only going to get better (until I see some of my Texas friends). I am very fortunate and blessed and it is about time that I started showing it!


camillestuartbeau said...

Sorry about that game!!! Glad you guys had fun though. I'm enjoying some water and electricity right now too!! Let's hope it stays on, but if not, remember we're making memories!!

islandstories said...

Happy to hear you guys weathered the storm OK! Yes, it was soo nice to have the a/c on all night!!!!

Anastácio Soberbo said...

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