Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Can't Anything Be Easy??

Tuesday night, after a long day, we decided that we would order pizza and wings for dinner. We ordered at 6:00pm and we were surprised when we heard a knock on the door at 6:30pm. The service was definitely quick...or at least until we saw that we didn't have our whole order. We notified the driver that we were missing our hotwings--our favorite! He let us know that the night was slow and he would be back right away. We even saved a little out of his tip so we could give it to him when he returned with our wings. We saved our pizza--we wanted to be able to eat the pizza and wings together!
Well about 30minutes later, Jason decided he needed to get back to school. He ate his pizza and decided he would eat the wings when he got back home. Well....1 hour turned into 2 hours. I was boiling by this point--I wanted my hotwings! I finally decided to give the restaurant a call. They said the driver was on his way and he should be at our place any minute--I was so excited! Well that hour slowly ticked away....and still no hotwings! I decided to call again--this time I wasn't so polite and explained how I already paid for my hotwings and I really wanted them with my pizza. They once again explained to me that the driver was on his way and said they were busy so they couldn't stay on the phone to discuss it.
At 9:30pm, when Jason walked in the door he knew something was wrong! At this point, I was ready to get in my car and drive to the restaurant. I don't like feeling like I am being taken advantage of--all I could picture in my head was the driver sitting in his car eating my delicious hotwings! Jason decided he would call and find out what the deal was....they again reassured us that they were on there way. About 10minutes later, there is a knock on the door! The hotwings had finally arrived--needless to say, the few extra dollars that we saved for the extra tip for the driver were not given. The driver apologized and said that he was from the restaurant in Marigot (a pretty far town from where we live) and he received a call from the other restaurant letting them know we needed an order of wings ASAP. When he left, we opened the box and noticed the wings were not hotwings....they were just regular chicken wings. There was about 8 wings and there was none of the hot sauce cooked onto the wings--no complaining though, because I had my wings. I dug in the cabinets until I found some hot sauce. The hot sauce was good on the wings--I'm not sure that I even stopped eating long enough to discover the difference. The wings probably should have been saved for the next day since it was so late (almost 10pm), but after waiting over 3 hours for the wings....there was no way that was going to happen!! Sometimes I wonder, why do things have to be so complicated?? Then I just laugh (after the wings were delivered, of course) and realize we aren't in Missouri anymore!


KathRSmith said...

where did you order from so I know not to do that?!?! At least you will be going home in May and then you can get as many hot wings as you want ;)

Tom, Laura & Ella said...

Aaaww....how obnoxious!! :(

Megs25 said...