Saturday, November 1, 2008

I Can At Least Say I Tried....

One week and counting until Jason's second round of block exams...November 10th can't come fast enough. Actually December 16th can't come fast enough--46 days and counting--but we have to take small baby steps to get there. Today our internet in the apartment was acting up and I have quite a bit of homework so I decided to head to the library with Jason. I didn't figure it would be that bad--how bad could free air conditioning and unlimited internet be? Well it isn't as glamorous as one might think. I got to experience everything about the library--the air conditioning, the internet, the chairs, the noises, the distractions....I got to see how he spends most of his days! There are about 20 tables with 6 chairs at each table in a room in the library. Each table usually has two people at it--we had a table to the two of us! The chairs have cushions so I robbed the cushion from the chair beside me so I could have a back cushion and a seat cushion. The cushions look all fluffy and comfy--but after a little bit of time they flatten and the hard, wooden chair can be felt. I was constantly moving and adjusting my body to get in a more comfortable position! After adjusting to a slightly more comfortable position, I started working on homework --or that is until someone walked past me. People are constantly walking in and out of the room, turning pages, coughing, typing on their computers, and anything else that could be considered a distraction. Every time something happened or I heard something, I would lose focus! I had a hard time working on school work because of all the distractions that I wasn't used to. I think I looked at the clock every 15 minutes for the first hour I was in there....time seemed to be ticking away. We would take a break every hour to hour and a half--we'd walk around the top balcony and look out over the ocean. The break was only 5 minutes or so and then we had to go back to the room. When I'm home I tend to bounce back and forth from homework--to email--to Facebook--to blogger--to Skype--to whatever else (you get the picture). I stayed doing homework the whole time in the library because I didn't want to distract the people sitting behind me! Breaking up school with things I want to do makes my day go by a little smoother, but unfortunately today was not a smooth day. My eyes seemed to get heavier and heavier the longer I sat there....I usually get the privilage of a nap if I get tired. No naps for me today--I was determined to stick it out! Four hours later and I was pretty much running out of the library. I couldn't take it anymore--the silence with multiple distractions, the cushions that squished flat, no fun internet surfing, and the air conditioner that seemed to be set on 60 degrees.
I got a small taste of what Jason goes through daily....and it is pretty crappy!! On the weekend before a block exam--he could put in as much as 12 to 14 hours a day in that library room. I will definitely be more willing to give back/neck rubs, be more consoling, cook better meals, and anything to show him how appreciative I am of his hard work and dedication. I can't believe he has had this routine for the past 15 months BUT the good news is he only has 5 more months to go. As for me--I'm going to stay as far away from the library as I can. I will only resort to the library in EMERGENCY SITUATIONS.

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