Monday, November 3, 2008

Jenni's Baby Shower

Jesse and Jenni, a first semester couple, are expecting their first little bundle of joy in late November....and it is a GIRL! The spouses organization decided to throw Jenni a baby shower--to help her get some of the things that she might need before the baby arrives. She decided that she would like a diaper shower since diapers on the island are ridiculously expensive and she'll be going through them pretty fast for the first couple of months!
A cute picture of the mom-to-be!
Some of the girls and pitched in and bought a jumbo package of diapers..... and we turned the plain 'ole diapers into a diaper. There were several diaper cakes for the mom-to-be....and in all different sizes! The diaper cakes were adorable~ the diapers were individually rolled and stuck together to make different layers in the cake. After the layers were done, a few accessories were added to make the cake look complete! Our cake turned out great...thanks to Camille and all her hard work on the diaper cake!

The diaper cake
The party was a success....I think Jenni will have enough diapers and wipes to last her a while!! We are all excited to have another baby in the group!

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