Saturday, November 8, 2008

My New Little Buddy

Since block exams are Monday and Jason has been busy studying...I've been trying to keep myself busy! Today was a nice warm day, so a few of us girls decided to make today a pool day. Not only did I get to lay out in the sun and swim in the pool...but I made a new little buddy. Her name is Cammie and I'm not sure why she decided to come over, but she did. OH....did I mention she was 4 years old? She started out in the pool just peaking over the ledge at me. I acted like I was sleeping, but when she didn't stop looking at me, I finally said hello. That was the beginning of the day. All it took for her to hang out with me while she was at the pool was a simple hello. She started pulling flowers and bringing them to me...she said they were beautiful! She was so sweet! Here is a picture of her showing the flowers she picked for me!

She was full of comments and questions, but my favorite one was "How did you get that ouchie on your belly?" "Oh, this ouchie", I said as I pointed to my hole where my belly button ring used to be. "Yes, how did you get it?" "I got stuck by something and I got an ouchie"--she gave a worried look and said, "I don't have an ouchie like that on my belly and I don't want one!" She eventually went and got her towel because she wanted to lay out by me. She made sure she layed the flowers on our blankets...she wouldn't let me forget them. We took a picture of us laying on our blankets with our flowers....she wanted to lay just like me!

Hanging out at the pool today with my new little buddy, I realized how much I miss my 'little buddies' from back home. We have 22 more days until family will be coming to visit us....and having family to hang out with will make the follow days on the island a little bit easier.