Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Sigh of Relief

Monday, Jason had his second round of block exams! He's been pretty stressed out the past week--so after his blocks we decided to go lay out by the pool! I don't know what it is but it is ALWAYS cloudy the day of block exams....and today was no different. By the time we got our suits on and headed to the pool--the sun was covered by big clouds, the wind picked up, and we even got a few raindrops. We didn't get a tan, but it was nice to just lounge around and not think about school or studying. We stayed at the pool and chatted for the longest time and as we were heading out, we saw one of the biggest yachts heading to the marina. I couldn't zoom in enough, but it does have a helicopter pad on the back side!After the pool, we decided we would go out. Usually we are home pretty early after blocks because blocks can be a little exhausting and he has school the next morning at 8am. This time was different....Tuesday was St. Maarten's day and he didn't have school so we decided that we would take advantage and enjoy ourselves.
We had a yummy dinner at Jimbo's, a Mexican restaurant. After we ate, our group got talking about our celebrity crushes...and things got carried away between Pam Anderson and Vin Diesel. We were laughing at everyone's celebrity crush and trying to think of a celebrity to top someone else's. We finally decided that we had way too many choices...and we couldn't decide on just one! We left the restaurant about 2 1/2 hours later and decided the night was young. We went to a new place that just opened up 'Blue Martini' and when Jason saw 'Outdoor TV' on one of the television sets, we had to sit right in front of the tvs. We didn't stay out too late--but the air conditioner and the rolled down hurricane shutters were calling our names--so we went home and crashed. We knew we didn't have to get up the next day for school or work, so no alarm clocks were set (best feeling ever)! The next morning we slept in....I slept in until 10:30 and Jason slept in until 11:00! It felt so good! I was told that I would get breakfast cooked for me and we would enjoy breakfast in bed, but I woke up first--how was that going to work? When Jason got up, he started getting things together. He told me to go lay back down--a little while later he brought in bacon, eggs, and toast. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast--we then tried to decide what we would do with the rest of the day. We finally decided--lounging around in pajamas, air conditioning, movies, and naps! We were not going to plan or do anything....we were going to rest!

Here is Jason lounging with his babies!

We slept on and off all day--and when it came time for dinner we decided to continue with our great day and go out for some pizza. We got all cleaned up and went into town--the pizza was great! It might have become our new favorite. We had a very relaxing day together. It was just what we needed to get through the next 4 weeks and 4 days!

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islandstories said...

Sounds like a great day ;) Oh, and one block closer to the finish line!!!