Wednesday, November 5, 2008

WOAH...What A Day!!

My day started like any other...woke up, ate breakfast, and got ready for work. Little did I know everything that the day had in store for me! I always feel like I wake up way too early, especially when the alarm clock is going off--but I always feel like I'm rushing out the door running late. I grabbed my lunch, my purse, and school bag and ran out the door to school.

Here is a picture of the school
The day went by pretty smoothly--the kids were super excited for the afternoon because they were going to act out a few plays for their parents. We spent the morning making dog ears out of socks, paper cut outs, and other props for their plays. Finally, the time came for our class to perform for the parents...should be exciting, right? Well, that's when all the 'fun' started. The kids started getting nervous--now realizing that they were performing for maybe 15-20 parents--but they were still scared! I had one little boy say, "Mrs. Conway--my belly has a weird feeling." I just replied back, "You're just nervous, you'll be great!" Not only were kids scared, but they were panicing that their family wouldn't make the plays in time. One kid started crying because she didn't see her family and it was like dominoes.....they all started crying. I'm not kidding...this all took place about two minutes before the show was suppose to start. Our class is standing behind the curtain, crying!! So we did what any good and caring teachers would do...we pushed them on stage and opened the curtain. Lights, Camera, Action--they all wiped their tears, said their lines while slightly sobbing, and did a great job! I was so proud of those 4th graders. They walked off the stage as the crowd cheered for them! The next few minutes were spent consoling the kids that were still crying....yes, still crying after the play. They realized just how scary being in front of everyone was and a few couldn't find their parents in the audience. I realized how important the plays were to them--I wish I would have gotten some pictures but it was a little crazy!
As soon as I left school for the day, I had to go into town and get chicken wraps from Pineapple Pete's. The chicken wraps are a fundraiser for the 4th semester class at AUC and since blocks are Monday...there were no students available to go pick up or sell the wraps. I offered to pick them up and sell them...sounds easy enough. I made it over and back with the wraps just fine--I pulled into the closest spot available to unload the 80 wraps, which just so happened to be a handicap spot. I unloaded all the wraps, with so much needed help, and when it came time to move out of the prohibited spot....I couldn't find my keys. Yes, I am my mother's daughter! I am starting to get frantic--I throw everything out of my bag, purse, and pockets! I finally do the walk of shame to my car and where do you think my keys were?? You guessed it--in my LOCKED car parked in a handicap spot! Thank goodness Jason was on-campus because I just walked up to him and got a spare set of keys. This was no easy task...I'm not really one to point out my imperfections, but I had no choice. He just cracked a smile and passed me the keys...he didn't say anything,but he didn't have to--his face said it all!
After selling the wraps, which sold out pretty fast, I ran home for a little bit before I had to be back in the computer lab for the evening. I made a PB&J sandwich for me and Jason, threw a Twix bar and an orange in my bag and headed to the computer lab. Sounds real healthy, huh? The lab was fine--until the dang internet decided it would go in and out! I had the same guy coming up to me...."the internet STILL isn't working" Well after about the fourth or fifth time, I think he realized that I had no control and I couldn't do anything about it. I would just smile and apologize...I've always been told "you catch more flys with honey than you do vinegar." When I walked out of the lab at 11pm--I was definitely ready to sleep, but not before me and Jason exchanged stories from our day!
Today was full of's days like these that make me appreciate the days where I can sleep in, lounge around in my pajamas all day, and do whatever I want! I won't be taking those afternoon naps for granted anymore!

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Tom, Laura & Ella said...

Oh man! I love it! I wish you had pictures of those kids and their play - sounds like an adventure! :)