Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Cookies

Yesterday was baking day..we baked Christmas cookies from 11am to 5pm. It's always a lot of fun to start the cooking, but by the end it's a lot of work. We started out with a few recipes, but gradually kept adding to the list. The one thing I wanted to do was sugar cookies. I love doing the cut outs and adding icing! We got all the ingredients and headed out to Ms. Chrissy's house--she has any baking tool needed and all the fun gadgets for making cookies. We started out with our sugar cookie dough because it had to be refrigerated for a few hours before it would be ready to roll out and cut. We made two different batch was for the cookie cutters that I bought and the other batch was tweaked just a little. The only cookie cutters I could find anywhere were stand-up cookie cutters. The cookie cutters were Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer--there was the snowman, Bumble, Yukon Cornilus, Santa, Rudolph, etc. We were hoping our cookies would come out great but we were a little nervous that they wouldn't build up like they were suppose to. Stand up cookies are not as easy as one might think! We mixed together both batches, put them in the refrigerator, and started on the next cookie--Spritz cookies! Since it was still early in the day and we were still excited about baking cookies, we decided we would make red and green dough. The red dough would be Poinsettas and the green dough would be Christmas trees. After we made the dough, it had to be put into the spritzer gun. This gun was aggervating--too many parts and very confusing directions. We eventually figured it out--it made some great cookies! We had a little bit of dough left over so we decided to make our own special "HOHO" cookies. The cookies were so good...I think most of them were eaten before the day was over.After the Spritz cookies, it was time for the sugar cookies. We put flour everywhere...on the counter, on our spatulas, and on our hands. We rolled out the dough and punched out our cookies. I did the first batch and made them a little too thin, which made it extremely hard to get them on the pan without making the cookie deformed. I happily passed off the dough duties and started putting the cookies in the oven and taking them out. A few of the cookies got painted before they went in the oven. We mixed egg yolks and food coloring together and painted on the dough--the coloring absorbed into the cookie dough and made decorating the cookies easier than decorating them all with icing.

We did save a few cookies that we would ice after they cooked but knowing how well they would have turned out with the painting, we probably would have painted them all before we cooked them. The cookies wouldn't have taken so long but because they were stand up cookies, we had to cut out Santa and then we had to cut out his feet. Hours later, we had all the dough baked and all we had to do was ice, assemble, and serve to the boys.

By the end, we were starting to go crazy. The Christmas music blaring on the computer and all our hard work was breaking. We tried to ice together Santa's legs or the sleigh, but no such luck. The cookies ended up looking so good...we made a little scene of our hardwork. It was pretty painful passing out the Christmas cookies to the boys and seeing them eat the cookies in 3 bites...the cookies that took us all day to 3 bites! I'm not upset or anything, but it would have been nice if they would have savored the flavor a little longer and chewed the full 32 times before swallowing. Oh well--I'm guessing that means they were delicious! I had a great time baking Christmas many great memories were created!


islandstories said...

Those were so cute! I've never heard of stand-up cookies :) I bet they were yummy! Good thing you got a picture before the boys got hold of them..haha.

Chuck & Geneva said...

I absolutely love your stand up rudolph!! I always knew you had talent..can't wait till ya'll come back