Thursday, December 4, 2008

Do You Hear What I Hear??

The Christmas season is getting closer, but it has been so hard to get in the Christmas spirit! The warm weather, palm trees, beaches, and Caribbean music make it hard to get in the Christmas mood! Yesterday on my way to the grocery store, I heard CHRISTMAS MUSIC on the local radio station. It threw me off because I was expecting to hear local music, not Christmas music. The song was Silent Night and I had no choice but to turn the radio up as loud as I could get (without busing my car's speakers) and singing along! I only heard the one song and then the station went back to regular music, but just hearing the one song made it feel a little more like the holiday season.
Not only did I hear a Christmas song yesterday on the radio, but the private school put on their Holiday Concert last night. The kids have been practicing all week long on their songs, skits, and dance routines and it was nice to see it all put together. The concert was great! I enjoyed watching the kids perform for their family members, teachers, and the rest of the school. The concert was different than concerts that I remember being a part of when I was younger. There are many different ethic groups, religious views, and languages that make up the school--so the traditional songs don't fit for all the children. A few songs were done with a beachy theme, Silent Night was sung in French and English, the Hannukah song was performed, and the 12 days of Christmas had the words changed to school related things. Turtle doves, maids a milking, and pipers piping are foreign to the kids so they were changed to text books, blue folders, and clocks a ticking.

The holiday concert was great! It really got me in the Christmas spirit...I even caught myself humming some of the songs back in my apartment later that night.

The island is also starting to put up Christmas decorations...Jason's school has garland on the railing and a huge Christmas tree in the middle of the rotunda; my school has a tree outside by the pool; some houses are decorated... AND there are Christmas trees at the grocery store. There was a house that was decorated from top to bottom so I thought I'd get a few pictures.

I am now in full Christmas mode....I have a few Christmas parties coming up in the next two weeks and I have found a Christmas website that plays Christmas music 24/7. I'm already planning shopping days, cookie making days, and gift wrapping days for when we go back home. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! I have realized the past couple of weeks that Christmas is what you make it, regarless of where you live.


Tom, Laura & Ella said...

You know, I was born and lived in Utah until I was 11, and I vividly remember the first Christmas in California without snow....I was like, "woah...what is wrong with this holiday?!?" But you get used to it :) Now I don't WANT the snow on Christmas. It is nice to be able to open presents....then go swimming at the beach!!

megat said...
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islandstories said...

I love the change in lyrics: how funny! I was at Grand Marche the other day (over the hill) and they have an 'All-Christmas' soundtrack going ;)