Friday, December 12, 2008

Time For The Goodbyes

We have made it to the end of another semester, which means saying goodbye to all the 5th semester students and spouses. We are losing a lot of great families this semester, but I got to help give a proper goodbye to one family. Reece, Dave and Ashley's son, is in the 4th grade class that I help out during the week. We planned a surprise party for Reece's last day!! Last week we sent Reece with a note to another teacher that read "keep him here for 5 minutes and then send him back" and while he was gone the class helped planned the surprise party. We talked about signs, food, music, and other things the kids wanted to have for the party.
We pretended we were having a 'holiday party' so Reece wouldn't catch on to the surprise party we had planned. The kids had to keep a secret all day yesterday and then after lunch, we were going to have the party. The kids brought in so much yummy food....cakes, brownies, chips, candy, and drinks!!When it was time for the party, we sent Reece to go find his parents....and the class all hid! They hid behind their tables in the front of the class by the sign they made for Reece. When Reece walked in the room, they all jumped up and screamed "SURPRISE!!"
Reece suspected something was going on, but I still think he was surprised! It was so cute to see the kids all excited to help give Reece a surprise going away party. The class ate TONS of food, got really hyper, and then went for the candy! The day was great! At the end of the day, the kids took turns sharing a memory with Reece. It was so sweet to hear some of the kids...a few even got a little teary eyed. The day ended with a group hug and wishing Reece good luck at his home in Minnesota!

I can't believe that the semester is already over and we've said our goodbyes. This time next semester we'll be the ones that say goodbye to the island and our island friends!!

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