Saturday, January 31, 2009

Beach Boys

One of the best things about living on an island is the easy accessibility of the beaches, especially when the dogs need to get some exercise. They have really gotten used to the beach walks...and I like it because they can run around like crazy and I can just watch. They still aren't fans of the water--the waves are too big for them. It only took getting drenched one time by a huge wave for them to learn! A few times a week, we head down to the beach for a little doggy exercise--the other times it is just on the road. I would take them to the beach more often but when they go on the beach they have sand everywhere! They immediately get thrown in the shower so they don't get sand everyone in the house.When it is time for the walk and I get out their leashes, they go crazy. They are so ready to get out of the apartment. When they get their leashes on, they tug so hard that they almost choke themselves...they get so excited. When we get to the edge of the golf long as there aren't any other dogs around, they get off their leashes. The second the latch raises on their leash, they are off to the races! They run so fast to the closest tree, rock, coconut, or patch of crazy weeds--it's almost a battle to see who can mark their territory the most.
The island has definitely gotten the dogs and myself used to the freedom that the beach allows. We stay at the beach as long as they are running around like crazy pups but when they start digging and laying in the sand, then it is time to head home! They have definitely turned into my beach boys--I think we're all going to miss the beach walks! I'm not going to miss sand all over my floors, but I will miss seeing them run like crazy through the sand! It's a great picture--my boys happy and excited running all over the beach marking their territory,the warm sun with a cool breeze, and having the ocean in the background! It will be a sight that will be missed!

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islandstories said...

Your little guys are the cutest! I bet they will miss the beach :(