Friday, January 9, 2009

The Beginning of the End

Our first week back was a little bit hectic! We had to get back into our daily routine, which is pretty hard when we've been out of our routine for the past few weeks over break. It didn't take long to get busy, but we did get to enjoy ourselves this weekend. Early Saturday morning, I woke up and got together some of the things that we no longer use to take to the 1st Semester Yard Sale. We figured it would sell more if we sold some now and then again at the end of the semester, rather than waiting till the end to try and sell everything. We sold a lot of our stuff...books, some kitchen stuff, and some odds and ends. After the yard sale, the Welcome Back BBQ was at Mullet. We couldn't and didn't miss the opportunity to get some free bbq, see some friends, lay in the sand, and get some sun. It felt weird to be at our last Welcome Back BBQ...our time on the island is wrapping up. The semester just started, but a lot of the things we do will be our last ones on the is just the beginning of the end.

We had a great day at the was a great way to bring in the semester. This first week flew by and I'm sure the future weeks will fly by too. April 18th will be here before we know it--our island paradise will no longer be our home. We have a few visitors coming this semester and we're excited to act like tourists and mark some fun activities off our St. Maarten bucket list. It will be sad when it finally comes time to close this chapter of our lives...until then we will be enjoying ourselves and making as many memories as humanly possible.


megat said...

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Lacey and Kevin - Island Life on St. Maarten said...

lucky you!! you will be missed. Hope we can actually spend more time before you leave.