Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Break

Our Christmas break was WONDERFUL and much needed! After the Christmas cookies and ice skating adventures, it was time for Christmas Eve and Christmas get togethers. We celebrated Christmas with my dad on Christmas Eve. All of the siblings were together for the first time in a long time--it was nice to see everyone! We had a great lunch with an amazing coconut cream pie, the boys played some wiffle ball, and opened our presents.We left shortly after lunch because the weather wasn't cooperating and we had a two hour drive back to our house. We made a pit stop at my moms house to get our Christmas pajamas and then headed over to my sisters house. I still had a few presents to wrap, actually all my presents to wrap, so Ana and I went to the basement to work on our wrapping.
We love spending Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with her kids...they really enjoying waking up to see what Santa has brought them. Christmas morning started when the kids woke up...and they were so excited. Brock's big present was a huge train set with tons of trains. Ana's big present was a labtop--she's definitely getting too old. It was so cute to see him run over to the train set saying "Santa brought me a train table!" This year Ana found out that Santa=parents so she was great at getting Brock excited over Santa! We spent Christmas morning playing with the kids and their new presents!
After lunch, we headed down to the Davault's house. The Davault's are our other family so we definitely wanted to spend some time down there! We spent the evening playing games, watching movies, and playing RockBand. We had so much fun that when 2:00am rolled around, Jason just threw on his hunting clothes and headed out to go duck hunting. He hunted every spare chance he could get...he is slightly addicted to sitting in freezing cold weather watching birds fly over his head!

After Christmas, we felt the days starting to tick away! We realized we had a lot more things to do...or should I say we had a lot more restaurants we wanted to eat at. We spent the last few days getting everything ready to come back to the island. We had a great time back home--uneventful, but very relaxing. It was nice to sleep in or just lay around watching episode after episode of Gilmore Girls. We weren't ready to leave Missouri, but we were excited to get back to the island and finish up the last four months! We had some great memories during our Christmas break!

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