Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Camille!

Happy 26th Birthday, Camille!
Today is Camille's 26th Birthday--I didn't get to properly help her celebrate because today was a little busy so I thought I would give her a little birthday shout-out! To help my family and friends back home get a better picture of Camille, I thought I would give five things that I think of when I think of Camille.
1. Louisiana--southern accent
2. Exercise guru--gym/walking partner
3. Fountain soda addict--1/2 coke, 1/2 diet coke
4. Ironing queen--she loves to iron
5. White envelopes--her technique used to stay organized
Happy Birthday, Camille! I hope you have the best birthday and I wish you many more to come. You're a wonderful friend and I'm glad I got to help you celebrate your 26th birthday!

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islandstories said...

Camille is awesome :) You're such a sweet friend to notice the fountain drink thing (gotta try that one!)