Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's Times Like These That We're Going To Miss

Saturday after the Welcome Breakfast, a group of us decided to take advantage of a great day and head to the beach. Since Orient is one of our favorite beaches and also one of the furthest beaches to drive to, we decided that we would brave the traffic and head over to the French side. We went to our usual location, found a good deal on some loungers and umbrellas, and that is where we spent the rest of our day. We usually do some fun water sports and explore the beach, but Saturday was spent just relaxing. Jason was a little hesitant on spending his second Saturday on the island at the beach but afterwards he felt rejuvinated and well-rested. After the beach, we decided to try a new restaurant called Layla's. Layla's is a restaurant on the French side and is right on the beach. We've always seen the entrance but never thought about trying it....and since we leave the island in 3 months we are trying to try new restaurants. Layla's has the best atmosphere--the only lights were white lights strung through the palm trees and the moonlight. Saturday was great...Jason really needed to get away from school and take a breather!
It's days like this that we're going to miss! We're really trying to find a good balance between exploring the island and school. We have a few things that we still want to do before we leave, but trying to find the time to do them is going to be a chore.

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