Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Starting The Semester Off Right

This past weekend was super busy, a lot of fun, and a great start to our 5th semester! Friday night was the White Coat ceremony for all the first semester students and the induction into the Honor Society for some of the 5th semester students. Jason was one of the students that was inducted into Alpha Omega Phi. Each of the students got to write a few things that they would like to say to the incoming first semester class. Jason's words were something like this " First, I'd like to say thanks to my wife for all the love, support, and for the countless hours she spent quizzing me over the bugs and the drugs..." I think my face turned a few shades of red--but I am grateful for a husband that recognizes the amount of support it takes while he is in medical school! It was a very sweet gesture and it was greatly appreciated...especially when all eyes should have been on him and his hard work.
The ceremony lasted about two hours and then we headed to the afterparty at Bliss. Bliss is a night club that is right on the water. The atmosphere is very relaxed, modern, and fun. We had a great meal--followed by some great dancing. It was our very last white coat--and we made sure we enjoyed ourselves! We had a wonderful time!
Saturday morning was the spouses organization's annual get-together....The Welcome Breakfast. The Welcome Breakfast is a time for all the spouses, new and old, to get together and get reacquainted after the break. At the breakfast, we all go around and introducing ourselves, our spouse, and our semester. For the 5th semester spouses, everyone cheers!! It was finally my time to say " We're 5th semester!" The breakfast ended in our spouses group taking a picture and taking a picture of our 5th semester spouses.
We've made some great friendships in the last 17 months and it is going to be hard to finally close this chapter and move onto another. I'm sure a lot of us will keep in touch in the years to come!

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