Wednesday, January 7, 2009

We Made It....Safe and Sound

On January 4th, we left Missouri for St. Maarten for the last time! Jason is in his 5th and final semester on the island! We have been really busy the past couple of days with school, work, and trying to get back into our routine so I haven't gotten around to updating our family and friends. I know, I know--I really need to work on it!
Here are a few updates on our little family:
Jason is enrolled in Pharmacology II, Behavioral Science II, Medical Ethics, and ICM5/6 this semester. He has a crazy schedule this semester...tons of shelf exams, cumulative exams, and eventually the Kaplan exam(has to be passed in order to get permission to take his STEP 1). He takes his last exam on April 15th, which will give us two days to enjoy the island before we fly back to the states.
I'm still taking classes for my MBA--only a few more months until I've completed my degree. I have a busy work schedule this semester...educators aid, a patient for the student doctors to interview, and 'servicing' and completing hours for Jason's work/study scholarship.
The dogs are definitely glad to be back on the island, running on the beach, and enjoying the warmth. Muzzy is taking medicine now for seizures, which occur because he tends to be a bit on the nervous side. He has been seizure free for a few weeks now--thanks to the medicine! Bazzle is on a diet--he gained a little over a pound over Christmas break. We've decreased the amount of food he eats and increased the number of walks...I'm not sure he enjoys the new changes!
We've had a busy, but uneventful week! I will definitely do better at updating everyone! This weekend is the Welcome Back BBQ at the beach--so I'll try to get a few pictures.

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