Saturday, February 14, 2009

From The Hills To The Sea

Andrew and Holly arrived to St. Maarten on Monday after a long trip from Wyoming--and we were so ready and excited for some visitors!! We spent most of our days laying on different beaches around the island and our evenings trying to show them some good St. Maarten food. We planned to do the Friday Farewell boat trip around the island on Friday so we tried to relax and take it easy on the days leading up to the boat trip. We've never done the Friday Farewell so it was going to be something new and exciting for us.
Friday morning we had to get up early so we could head over to Philipsburg and get on our sailboat, The Gold Eagle. We couldn't have asked for a better day--it was breezy, sunny, and just a great day to spend together. It was really nice that Jason was able to take off...I miss spending time with him.
Our sailboat pulled out of the dock and the boat captain needed some guys to help raise the sails-we of course threw Jason and Andrew up to help pull up the sail.
After the sail was raised, we were headed to a small island off of St. Maarten called Tintamarre. We anchored down and we all immediately start jumping in the water and swimming towards the island. We heard you could find mud pits around that you can use to enjoy a great mud we were determined to find the mud!We stayed at Tintamarre for a little while--we were jumping off the boat and floating around on little 'noodles'. About an hour later, we headed out to our next stop, Creole Rock. Creole Rock is a place right off of Grand Case, which is used for snorkeling. We saw a few fish, some conch, and a lot of sea grass! After we had enough snorkeling, we headed back to the boat. It was just about lunch time-lunch was going to be at a little restaurant on the beach in Grand Case. After spending a lot of time swimming and in the sun, we were starving! Food was yummy-bread, salad, chicken, fish, rice, and ice cream for dessert. After lunch, we continued sailing around the island. Once we got back on the boat, we realized how tired we were. Holly decided she was going to I got a few pictures of her! Our last stop was a swimming stop at La Samana--the water was very refreshing. The guys decided they would jump off the boat and swim as fast as they could to the shore--kinda crazy!
The rest of the sail home was perfect--the view was amazing because the sun was starting to set. The boat trip was so much fun! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from our day...if you want to see all our pictures, feel free to look in the photo album.

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