Monday, February 9, 2009

My BIG Opps!

Today I learned a very valuable lesson...I'm not perfect! Andrew and Holly decided to come and visit so they bought their tickets and sent me their flight information. I looked over their itenerary and wrote the dates they were to be coming on the calender. We've been talking about when they get here on Tuesday and our plans for Tuesday afternoon well.....they didn't get in on Tuesday, they got in TODAY! I wrote down their flight arrival time on the wrong day--we never would have known except Andrew tried to call Jason's phone two times in a row while Jason was in class. Jason had an odd feeling about his brother calling two times back to back so he decided that he would just go and look around at the airport. I, of course, couldn't find the itenerary in my inbox because I'm obsessive about deleting my emails after I read them and he didn't want to wait for me to dig through my deleted mail to look for it, so he headed out. About five minutes after Jason headed out, I found the itenerary! It said "Februrary 9th at 1:45pm"--I immediately went into panic mode! They landed an hour ago....OH NO!! All I could think was Jason just driving by and missing them...but he didn't! Thank goodness Jason parked the car and went to look inside the airport because there was Andrew and Holly standing on the side waiting for their family members to pick them up! They had no idea that we weren't expecting them....oh well, we got them only an hour later and they are safe and sound. So, we now have VISITORS for the next week! I'll be sure to post pictures of our fun adventures!

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Tom, Laura & Ella said...

Well, at least they called you! :) It would've been bad if they had to wait even longer! Ha! I've totally done that, don't worry ;) Hope you guys have fun!