Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More Hands On

On Monday, it was finally time for Jason to go and follow around the local anesthesiologist. He was really looking forward to it...he was hoping he would an interesting procedure. Not only did he get to see one interesting procedure, but he got to see THREE! He went to the hospital in Philipsburg from 8:00am-12:00pm. He wasn't working with the doctor for a long time, but it was enough to see some procedures. He walked in the door and I was following him around the house like one of the pups...I was so excited to hear about his day.
The first procedure he got to see was a C-section. He got to see his first baby be delivered--how neat! I couldn't stop smiling...seeing another life come into the world sounds very surreal, but Jason wasn't as excited as I would have liked him to be. Lets just say--we'll be waiting another few years before he'll get to experience delivery first hand. The patient was delivering her second baby via C-section so she knew what to expect. He said that he mostly stayed up by her head throughout the procedure, but seeing the doctor cut layer after layer made him realize natural birth is probably the best route. I kept wanting to hear details of the birth, but he quickly moved on to the next procedure.
The next procedure he got to see was an orthoscopic knee surgery. He found this surgery to be pretty cool. They made two small holes on either side of the knee cap, used some sort of camera, and fixed whatever was broken. I didn't find this one too exciting, but he was amazed at how small the holes could be for the doctors to get inside the body and fix the broken pieces.
The last procedure he got to see was the removal of a cyst inside a man's hand. I didn't get much information out of this surgery. He wasn't following around the surgeon, so his sight was limited. He just kept making sure the vitals were good and the amount of drugs given were the right amount to keep the patient comfortable/without pain, or unconscious. He really enjoyed being hands on.....sortof.
According to Jason, anything is better than studying in the library!!

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