Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Regatta Weekend

After the Saba trip, we planned a full 3 day weekend. Friday morning we headed on the French side to do the extreme ziplining. We had down the smaller course a few times, but we didn't what to expect with the larger course. We loaded into a truck and drove up the steepest hill where we started the extreme course. The zip lines were so much longer--if you look at the picture below, you can see the zip wire spread across the two mountain sides. We had a really good time--some parts were a little nerve racking, but we survived! The last picture is Jason zipping across on the line...very cool! All you can see is his long legs...haha!After zip lining, we were going to try and hike to a new beach that we haven't been to--Petite Cayes. The weather wasn't cooperating...it got really dark, rainy, and windy. We bailed on the hike and ended up going to find the blowhole at Cupecoy Beach. We decided the weather wasn't going to stop us from seeing the sites...the waves were crashing into the rocks and that's when we saw it! The guys went and sat with their legs over the blowhole.
Saturday morning was the day that we followed the Heineken Regatta. We purchased tickets with a local company that had catamarans that went out and followed along side the race. Right when we got on the boat, a man comes up to me and says that his wife knows me...I don't recognize her?? Well--she said she reads our blog. Her and her husband are from Baltimore and she recognizes me from the pictures on the blog...woo hoo! I love blog stalkers--I told Marybeth I would give her a shout out! So here you go--Thanks for reading Marybeth!After we got out to the path of the race, the boats started the race. It was pretty amazing to see the boats turning corners with the crew sitting on the different sides to help with the turning.
The race was pretty amazing to watch--the boats looked so graceful gliding across the water, but they were filled with frantic crews working the sails up and down. It was nice to be up so close and personal to the boats. The boat trip dropped us off right around lunch time, so we grabbed some lunch at Buccaneer Beach Bar. Nothing tastes better than a cheeseburger on the beach, especially after spending a morning on a sailboat.
After lunch, we headed to one of our favorite beaches--Baie Rouge.
Saturday was a great day--we got to be upfront with the boats participating in the Heineken regatta and then rest and relax at the beach after. We had so much fun with our friends, our family, and each other. It's times like this that is going to make the island hard to leave. Some great memories were made this past weekend!

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