Monday, November 30, 2009

Santa's Little Helpers

Bazzle and Muzzy are pleased to be Santa's little helpers...can't you tell! I couldn't resist when I saw these cute little reindeer costumes at Target!
Muzzy refused to lift his head from the couch. I tried every trick in the book--'want to go outside', 'want a treat' but as you can see NOTHING worked!
Bazzle knew that if he sat still long enough that he would get a treat--he wasn't thrilled to have something hooked on his head but he was thinking about the yummy treats to come!
Definitely the cutest little helpers I've seen...maybe I'm being a little partial. It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas in the Conway house. We LOVE our little helpers!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Time For A Change

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we can put away our fall decorations and get out our CHRISTMAS decorations! We started the fun festivities the morning after Thanksgiving...I couldn't wait any longer. We made hot cocoa and apple cider, blared Christmas music, and started digging through our Christmas decorations. My mom sent us a few boxes of Christmas much fun opening the mailbox, seeing a package, and opening it to find the goodies!! MOM, YOU'RE THE BEST!! THANKS FOR ALL THE GOODIES!Here are just a few of our favorite Christmas ornaments on our tree this year....
It was so much fun to sing along to Christmas music (with some occassional dancing)
and put up our Christmas decorations. Who knew that cleaning and organizing could be so much fun!? It's amazing what a little apple cider and Christmas music can do to your spirits!!
There is nothing greater than lighting Christmas candles and plugging in the Christmas tree!
Smelling the candles and enjoying the lighted tree makes our home feel so warm and comfortable! We love the Christmas season...thank you Lord for sending your Son to Earth!

Hockey Fun!

This weekend we were able to do something that we haven't ever done together...go to a semi-professional hockey game. The Condors are the minor league team for the Anaheim Ducks and they just so happen to be located in BAKERSFIELD! We've been wanting to go to a game since we got here and we decided this weekend was perfect for a hockey game.
The Bakersfield Condors hosted the Las Vegas Wranglers at home this weekend...very big rivals! It was so much fun watching all the fun activities before the game and during breaks between periods. The announcer definitely got the crowd involved with all the fun prizes and entertainment.
The game was advertised to Condors fans as the 'teddy bear toss' game. The United Way had a great idea to have fans toss teddy bears on the ice after the Condors scored their first goal for needy children at Christmas. Once the Condors scored, the teddy bears went flying!
We were amazed at the numbers of bears that were thrown out--there are going to be A LOT of happy children this year! There were so many bears thrown out on the ice that the two hockey teams got their players out on the ice and helped picked up all the animals. It was a pretty sweet moment-two opposing teams working together to help for the good of the community.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Colors of Bakersfield

On the weekends, we like to spend a lot of our time hiking, biking, or just being outside. On one of our bike rides we went past one of the colleges and saw some of the prettiest trees. We don't have a lot of trees in Bakersfield that change colors in the fall so we were excited to get some pictures! Seeing the bright yellow, red, and orange colors in the trees across the campus brought back memories of Missouri.
We sure do think of Missouri a lot--it will always be a special place in our hearts!

So Much To Be Thankful For....

Happy Thanksgiving!! God is so good to us and our families that we could go on for days and days listing all the MANY things we have to be thankful for!
This year was our first Thanksgiving back in the states...after two years on St. Maarten. We got to spend Thanksgiving at the in-laws house this year-something we have never gotten to do because we've always lived too far away. This year was extra special because not only was it our first Thanksgiving in California but it was Chip's (Jason's dad) birthday.
Happy Birthday, Chip!! We are so glad we were able to be a part of your birthday.
After we ate Thanksgiving dinner, we tried to burn as many calories as possible by playing some intense games of ping-pong.

Thanksgiving is a time to look at our lives and to be thankful for all that we have. We couldn't help but think about our friends and family that weren't part of our Thanksgiving this year. We are very thankful for our wonderful family and friends....without you, life wouldn't be the same. We have so much to be thankful for!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Frog's Life

I went on a site visit yesterday and was very enlightened. Part of my job as the program coordinator is to supervise sites throughout the county that provide literacy programs. We also provide help and support to the sites so they can reach more students throughout the county. The site yesterday was for parolees that are looking to get their GED or to expand their education. Most of the parolees have realized they have been given a second chance and they are very grateful. I noticed during my visit that the supervisor had tons of frog pictures throughout the room. I asked her if she collected frogs and she gave me a full explanation.
Frogs jump forwards...they never jump backwards. They might jump to the side but they keep going forward. Another thing about frogs is they are born in dark, murky water. They can live a normal frog life in the dark, murky water but they grow big, fat bellies and they legs stay short. They are unable to jump very far, if at all, because of their big bellies and short legs. The frogs that make a decision to jump out of the dark water experience things the other frogs don't. They lose their big bellies and their legs grow. Because of these physical changes, the frogs are able to jump further than they ever would have if they would have stayed in the dark, murky water.
For our students, being illiterate is embarrassing. Making the choice to get help takes them further in life than if they wouldn't have made the initiative to get help. Reading changes lives!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Birthday To The Most Amazing Man

Twenty-six years ago, my wonderful husband was born! I couldn't be more excited to be his wife for another birthday! Being that he is 26, here are 26 reasons why I'm crazy about him.
1. He loves me unconditionally
2. He works so hard for his family
3. He has the biggest blue eyes
4. He's open-minded
5. He orders Diet Dr. Pepper at a restaurant when he'd rather have Root Beer because he knows that Diet Dr. Pepper is my drink of choice
6. He still remembers the first time he saw me
7. He loves the outdoors
8. He doesn't hog the remote control
9. He knows the right thing to say when I've had a rough day
10. His smile and laugh makes me smile and laugh
11. He loves snuggling with the pups
12. He loves sleeping in with his family on Saturdays
13. He doesn't shoot down my craft ideas, even when it means spending Sunday making mosaic coasters
14. He dresses to impress
15. He takes care of his meme(grandma)
16. He refuses to go more than 2 miles over the speed limit--no matter how much I bug him about going faster
17. He prefers pleats in his dress pants
18. He feels odd without his wedding ring on
19. He drops in at my work...just to say 'HI'
20. He doesn't mind popping my toes each night before bed
21. He's a handy man
22. He can't go two weeks without washing, waxing, and detailing our cars
23. He's VERY competitive but doesn't mind losing at Rummy
24. He's stubborn when it comes to something he believes in
25. He remembered our monthly anniverseries by giving me a plastic ring (out of a quarter machine) each month we dated=60 rings

Happy Birthday, Jason! I hope you have the best birthday...can't wait to see what the future holds for the Conway's. I can't wait to grow old with you!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Frisbee Golf

A few weekends ago, we enjoyed the nice weather and went to a nearby park to play frisbee golf with some friends. Yes, you read correctly...frisbee golf. Sounds like something from Missouri--not California. Frisbee golf is very similar to regular golf--you stand on a tee box and throw a frisbee to the marker at the end of the hole. The end goal was a basket with chain so when the frisbee hit the chain it would fall in the basket.
We went with some friends that had played before so they brought the frisbees. There are different frisbee sizes for distance. There is a driver frisbee, mid-range frisbee, and a putter frisbee. It was fun to watch serious frisbee golfers--carrying different bags with 10-15 different sized,weighted frisbees for the different holes. We tried to watch and learn some pointers from the serious players--we need a little more practice!
I took a picture of my frisbee on the ground because I was suppose to be down the middle of the fairway with everyone else. (Notice how the grass is green on this side of the path but then right on the other side is all desert with an oil rig--gotta love Bakersfield)
We didn't keep score--we weren't that good! We had so much fun lauching our frisbees and watching them go every which way but straight. It's always fun to try new things...who knows, we might be buying a frisbee bag with different sized frisbees for Christmas.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Land Of The Giants

This weekend was AMAZING!! We spent the weekend in the Sequoia National Forest. Chip and Sue, Jason's dad and step-mom, invited us to spend the weekend with them. They found the cutest little cottage in the middle of the forest--"The Little Red Lodge"
We woke up early Friday morning and drove to Kernville to one of the most famous hikes-"The Trail of 100 Giants." The drive to the trail was beautiful. The mountains, the river, and the trees all put together made the drive from the Little Red Lodge to the Trail of 100 Giants so memorable. Not only was the drive beautiful BUT the road was narrow and crooked. These two mixtures are the perfect recipe for getting car sick. At one point, we had to stop because I was feeling a little car sick. We all got out of the car and started walking around and came to the cutest little river spot. After we snapped some pictures, we continued down the road to our destination. We finally made it...just driving into the parking area we got excited to get on the trail because the trees around the area were huge! Once we starting hiking, we were in awe!
The giant Sequoia trees were amazing--the pictures don't do them justice. It was hard to get the whole tree in one picture because they were so wide and so tall. Along the path there were trees that had fallen down...the roots were so detailed. You'd think that as big as some of these trees are that the roots would be long and deep but they actually grow only a few feet down and they look like a maze. I took hundreds of pictures-literally! The huge Sequoia trees are amazing. God definitely knew what he was doing when he made these magnificent trees. It's crazy to think that this awesome sight is only an hour away from our house. When we got back home, we decided to walk around by the cabin. The dogs had been inside all day so they needed to get some they went with us!

After exploring the forest near the cabin, we went back to the cabin, built a fire, drank hot tea and played Monopoly. Our first day in the Sequoia National Forest was awesome! The next day we didn't have anything planned so we went to the ranger station down the road and asked where some good hiking trails were. She recommended a few and we chose to stay a little closer to the cabin. We ended up on a trail called "Whiskey Flat"-a long, flat trail that followed the Kern River.

Half way on the trail we had a nice surprise...a creek split the trail in half and the only way to get across was to walk across a log (someone had made a small bridge)

Our weekend of hiking in the Sequoia National Forest was just what we needed...relaxation, family time, and nature! Another wonderful weekend...God is GOOD!