Monday, November 2, 2009

Frisbee Golf

A few weekends ago, we enjoyed the nice weather and went to a nearby park to play frisbee golf with some friends. Yes, you read correctly...frisbee golf. Sounds like something from Missouri--not California. Frisbee golf is very similar to regular golf--you stand on a tee box and throw a frisbee to the marker at the end of the hole. The end goal was a basket with chain so when the frisbee hit the chain it would fall in the basket.
We went with some friends that had played before so they brought the frisbees. There are different frisbee sizes for distance. There is a driver frisbee, mid-range frisbee, and a putter frisbee. It was fun to watch serious frisbee golfers--carrying different bags with 10-15 different sized,weighted frisbees for the different holes. We tried to watch and learn some pointers from the serious players--we need a little more practice!
I took a picture of my frisbee on the ground because I was suppose to be down the middle of the fairway with everyone else. (Notice how the grass is green on this side of the path but then right on the other side is all desert with an oil rig--gotta love Bakersfield)
We didn't keep score--we weren't that good! We had so much fun lauching our frisbees and watching them go every which way but straight. It's always fun to try new things...who knows, we might be buying a frisbee bag with different sized frisbees for Christmas.

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