Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Frog's Life

I went on a site visit yesterday and was very enlightened. Part of my job as the program coordinator is to supervise sites throughout the county that provide literacy programs. We also provide help and support to the sites so they can reach more students throughout the county. The site yesterday was for parolees that are looking to get their GED or to expand their education. Most of the parolees have realized they have been given a second chance and they are very grateful. I noticed during my visit that the supervisor had tons of frog pictures throughout the room. I asked her if she collected frogs and she gave me a full explanation.
Frogs jump forwards...they never jump backwards. They might jump to the side but they keep going forward. Another thing about frogs is they are born in dark, murky water. They can live a normal frog life in the dark, murky water but they grow big, fat bellies and they legs stay short. They are unable to jump very far, if at all, because of their big bellies and short legs. The frogs that make a decision to jump out of the dark water experience things the other frogs don't. They lose their big bellies and their legs grow. Because of these physical changes, the frogs are able to jump further than they ever would have if they would have stayed in the dark, murky water.
For our students, being illiterate is embarrassing. Making the choice to get help takes them further in life than if they wouldn't have made the initiative to get help. Reading changes lives!

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