Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Birthday To The Most Amazing Man

Twenty-six years ago, my wonderful husband was born! I couldn't be more excited to be his wife for another birthday! Being that he is 26, here are 26 reasons why I'm crazy about him.
1. He loves me unconditionally
2. He works so hard for his family
3. He has the biggest blue eyes
4. He's open-minded
5. He orders Diet Dr. Pepper at a restaurant when he'd rather have Root Beer because he knows that Diet Dr. Pepper is my drink of choice
6. He still remembers the first time he saw me
7. He loves the outdoors
8. He doesn't hog the remote control
9. He knows the right thing to say when I've had a rough day
10. His smile and laugh makes me smile and laugh
11. He loves snuggling with the pups
12. He loves sleeping in with his family on Saturdays
13. He doesn't shoot down my craft ideas, even when it means spending Sunday making mosaic coasters
14. He dresses to impress
15. He takes care of his meme(grandma)
16. He refuses to go more than 2 miles over the speed limit--no matter how much I bug him about going faster
17. He prefers pleats in his dress pants
18. He feels odd without his wedding ring on
19. He drops in at my work...just to say 'HI'
20. He doesn't mind popping my toes each night before bed
21. He's a handy man
22. He can't go two weeks without washing, waxing, and detailing our cars
23. He's VERY competitive but doesn't mind losing at Rummy
24. He's stubborn when it comes to something he believes in
25. He remembered our monthly anniverseries by giving me a plastic ring (out of a quarter machine) each month we dated=60 rings

Happy Birthday, Jason! I hope you have the best birthday...can't wait to see what the future holds for the Conway's. I can't wait to grow old with you!

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Diane E. Shaver said...

Love the list, especially that last one!