Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hockey Fun!

This weekend we were able to do something that we haven't ever done together...go to a semi-professional hockey game. The Condors are the minor league team for the Anaheim Ducks and they just so happen to be located in BAKERSFIELD! We've been wanting to go to a game since we got here and we decided this weekend was perfect for a hockey game.
The Bakersfield Condors hosted the Las Vegas Wranglers at home this weekend...very big rivals! It was so much fun watching all the fun activities before the game and during breaks between periods. The announcer definitely got the crowd involved with all the fun prizes and entertainment.
The game was advertised to Condors fans as the 'teddy bear toss' game. The United Way had a great idea to have fans toss teddy bears on the ice after the Condors scored their first goal for needy children at Christmas. Once the Condors scored, the teddy bears went flying!
We were amazed at the numbers of bears that were thrown out--there are going to be A LOT of happy children this year! There were so many bears thrown out on the ice that the two hockey teams got their players out on the ice and helped picked up all the animals. It was a pretty sweet moment-two opposing teams working together to help for the good of the community.

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