Sunday, November 1, 2009

Land Of The Giants

This weekend was AMAZING!! We spent the weekend in the Sequoia National Forest. Chip and Sue, Jason's dad and step-mom, invited us to spend the weekend with them. They found the cutest little cottage in the middle of the forest--"The Little Red Lodge"
We woke up early Friday morning and drove to Kernville to one of the most famous hikes-"The Trail of 100 Giants." The drive to the trail was beautiful. The mountains, the river, and the trees all put together made the drive from the Little Red Lodge to the Trail of 100 Giants so memorable. Not only was the drive beautiful BUT the road was narrow and crooked. These two mixtures are the perfect recipe for getting car sick. At one point, we had to stop because I was feeling a little car sick. We all got out of the car and started walking around and came to the cutest little river spot. After we snapped some pictures, we continued down the road to our destination. We finally made it...just driving into the parking area we got excited to get on the trail because the trees around the area were huge! Once we starting hiking, we were in awe!
The giant Sequoia trees were amazing--the pictures don't do them justice. It was hard to get the whole tree in one picture because they were so wide and so tall. Along the path there were trees that had fallen down...the roots were so detailed. You'd think that as big as some of these trees are that the roots would be long and deep but they actually grow only a few feet down and they look like a maze. I took hundreds of pictures-literally! The huge Sequoia trees are amazing. God definitely knew what he was doing when he made these magnificent trees. It's crazy to think that this awesome sight is only an hour away from our house. When we got back home, we decided to walk around by the cabin. The dogs had been inside all day so they needed to get some they went with us!

After exploring the forest near the cabin, we went back to the cabin, built a fire, drank hot tea and played Monopoly. Our first day in the Sequoia National Forest was awesome! The next day we didn't have anything planned so we went to the ranger station down the road and asked where some good hiking trails were. She recommended a few and we chose to stay a little closer to the cabin. We ended up on a trail called "Whiskey Flat"-a long, flat trail that followed the Kern River.

Half way on the trail we had a nice surprise...a creek split the trail in half and the only way to get across was to walk across a log (someone had made a small bridge)

Our weekend of hiking in the Sequoia National Forest was just what we needed...relaxation, family time, and nature! Another wonderful weekend...God is GOOD!

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