Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Crystal Cathedral

Yesterday afternoon we drove down to Garden Grove, California to watch "The Glory of Christmas" at the Crystal Cathedral. The cathedral was amazing...the second we turned off the interstate and saw the huge glass building, we knew we had arrived.
The Crystal Cathedral was dedicated in 1980 but before it became an actual building it was just a gathering of people at a local drive-in theatre. When they outgrew the outdoor theatre, the preacher decided to build a church home. The preacher liked the outdoor feel so in 1980 he designed the cathedral to be made 100% of glass windows. There are over 10,000 glass windows that cover the cathedral and that's not counting the other 3 buildings! Here are just a few pictures...they definitely don't do it justice.
All along the sidewalks through the different buildings were scriptures that different families designated as their favorite. It was pretty neat to walk along and read all the encouraging and uplifting scriptures.
We're glad we got to the program a little early so we could explore everything...
Once it got a little closer to the Christmas show, we met up with Sue and Timothy. They got stuck in a little bit more traffic than we did so they didn't get to explore around as much. The inside of the cathedral was favorite thing was the organ! It took up the whole back side of the church...250 pipes! The music playing was so soothing, yet so powerful!
Once the show started we couldn't take any pictures, but I did get a picture of the stage before anything started. The details that they displayed were incredible. The costumes were detailed and right on for that time period. Angels flew across the top of the cathedral in glittery gowns as they sang! They had live horses, sheep, donkeys, and camels that helped portray different parts of the nativity scene. It was an amazing show! They did a great job of showing how our Savior was born some 2000 years ago!

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