Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Favorite Toy

Before we moved out to California, Bazzle was exploring in my mom's bedroom and found a big, orange monkey. The monkey was suppose to be a gift for someone but instead he claimed it as his own. The only problem with this is...the monkey is almost as big as him. He has smaller toys to play with and carry around but he always goes for his orange monkey. Yesterday when I came in from work, he ran and grabbed the big, orange monkey and wanted to play. I thought it was so cute so I took some pictures!
When Muzzy saw me giving Bazzle all my attention, he went and tried to steal the orange monkey away. It's funny to watch them fight over such a big toy when they are both pretty small.
*Hope this puts a smile on your face...I know it worked on me! My boys are so stinking cute!

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