Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gingerbread House

Today we assembled a gingerbread house to add to our Christmas decorations. Once we opened the box and smelled the gingerbread, we were ready to start our candy covered masterpiece.
The house had designs etched on the house, which made it a lot easier to put on the icing. When the icing started falling off the house, we decided that it would just look like ice and snow falling off the sides of the house.
We also made a Christmas tree and a gingerbread husband and wife. If you look closely, you can tell which one Jason made and which one I made. Got to love the boy for trying...
Here is our finished gingerbread house, Christmas tree, and gingerbread couple. It was so much fun to play around with the candy and the icing. I think we ate more than we put on the house!

We finished our gingerbread house off with snow (coconut flakes) on the ground! The gingerbread house is going to be our new table least until Christmas!

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Alissa Doherty said...

So cute! I bought a kit the other day but haven't put it together yet :) I'm so glad you guys finally got your furniture!! The place looks great...can't wait to see once you get your pictures up!