Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Yesterday we played tourists in Los Angeles....we had so much fun! We bought tickets to a Christmas show for later in the afternoon but before the show we drove around LA and looked at all the sites! Our first stop was the HOLLYWOOD sign.
We parked down a bit from it so we could get a picture with it but then we decided to drive up the hill and try to get a little closer. Unfortunately we weren't able to see the sign but we did manage to find some multi-million dollar homes and an amazing view from the top. After we found our way back to the main road, we decided to head down the strip and explore Rodeo Drive. Jason was in 5th grade when he moved out of California so he doesn't really remember any LA sights.

The roads were packed...I'm guessing the week before Christmas was not the best time to go driving through the streets of LA. I didn't get any pictures of all the shops and businesses along the was a little stressful with all the traffic. It was fun to see some of the famous sites around Los Angeles! It's kind of nice living so close to HOLLYWOOD!

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