Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Look Back....

This year has been pretty amazing! Now that we are approaching 2010, it's important that we learn from the past and build up our future. When I start thinking about this year, I almost can't remember everything. Looking through picture albums helped me remember some amazing times in 2009. I thought a look back would be great before we started a new year....
We started off the year on St. Maarten-Jason was in his 5th and final semester!! April came WAY TOO FAST and the time came for us to pack up, say goodbye to our wonderful friends, and get ready for the next chapter! After we left St. Maarten, we headed back to Missouri. We were able to celebrate our first wedding anniversary back where we had gotten married. Jason had planned for us to stay in the bed and breakfast where we got married . It was perfect!
Jason had a few months of studying before he would take the STEP 1 and get placed into a clinical spot. He did wonderful on his STEP and we found out that we would be moving to California to start clinicals in September. Knowing that we would be moving so far away from home, we enjoyed our summer as much as possible.
We took a roadtrip to Tennessee to see Brian, Melinda, Megan, and Bert! We had so much fun hanging out with them for a few days! After we got back from our Nashville trip, we flew to Pennsylvania. Grandpa Conway organized a family reunion--it was pretty nice to have us all together!

Being that we were so close to our other friends Andy, Alissa, Frank, and Candice, we decided to meet in the middle! The middle for us was Sandusky, OH--home of Holiday World, one of the greates amusement parks! We had to try it was so much fun acting like a kid again! Once we got back from Pennsylvania, we were asked by my sister to watch her kids for a week while they went on vacation. We love those dang kids!! We had a few fun things planned to do with them while we had them. Summer was over before we knew it and we were packing up AGAIN and moving to California. We saw so much on our drive out west...Cadillac Ranch, 4 corners, Petrified/Painted Desert, the meteorite hole, and the Grand Canyon! After a long drive, we finally made it to California. September, October, and November were a little difficult because Jason was living in LA doing a psychiatry rotation and I was living in Bakersfield. He drove home on the weekends but it wasn't the same! I found a job that I absolutely love in early October. I'm the program coordinator for a non-profit organization that helps adults learn to read. It's a very rewarding position...I'm so grateful! After living here a few months, the in-laws showed us the Sequoia National Forest. We took a weekend and explored the was amazing! The trees were bigger than I could have ever imagined! It was definitely something to see!We've been making the most out of our time! We are making the best out of the current situation and loving it! Exploring Los Angeles, snowboarding in the mountains, and taking time to enjoy each other are just a few of the things we've been up to these past few weeks!

We are trying to take the weekends and explore the area...San Fransisco, Las Vegas, and Napa Valley are a few of our future visits! 2009 was an amazing year for the Conway family and we look forward to 2010!

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